mardi 29 janvier 2008

#1 anniversary

That's it, the first Secret Vinyl Conspiracy anniversary (a coupla days late...).
Your comments helped a lot.
Your support help a lot too.

Thanks to my blogger friends (my pals @ the Sludge Swamp, mr. A from Wine, Women and Song, the Devil Dick and his must-see blog, Jen @ EyeEatMusic, all the newcomers and the other blog comrades) and thanks to you all, readers.

You're 100+ visitors a day from every single part of the world (yeah, I use Google Analytics - I'm not sure they need any promo, but still... - and you should too...), and it's a real pleasure to post new songs as soon as I can, no matter the time it takes.

I can see you're all getting used (and appreciating it!) to the new musical dimension I'm taking with the site. I promise they'll be some more great stuff in the coming days, weeks, months, years... Some other strong releases to come.

Come back soon for more rocking records. Records you'll have to own on vinyl.
Cause you deserve vinyl.

Take good care of yourself and come back for more!

1 commentaire:

Devil Dick a dit…

Cheers my friend!
Congrats & keep up the great work!
tommy aka devil dick