samedi 19 janvier 2008

Here comes a Sludge hammer

I finally have time to post a new message on this little blog. I'm sorry not to be able to post anything during the week, and you know I'd have loved to...

No SOLACE today (be patient...) but the heavy weight Sludge combo called BONGZILLA, with their debut ep freshly released on vinyl on Modus Operandi (Germany).

What to expect from a band with a bandname like this? Yes it's down-tuned heavy Sludge, dedicated to the weed only. BONGZILLA is designed to be experienced with a fat one. "Methods For Attaining Extreme Altitudes" : everything is in the title.

Modus Operandi did a really great job with this vinyl release. A beautiful 180g clear green record and a limited screen printed ziplock (limited to 250 copies - all sold out in a couple of weeks) : awesome!

BONGZILLA is now on a break but Muleboy (guitar/vocals) has founded a new band called AQUILONIAN (I didn't check them so far) that I heard was worth checking...

High Like A Dog is the cut I picked for the player.


BONGZILLA "Methods For Attaining Extreme Altitudes" - USA - 2007 - Modus Operandi

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