dimanche 13 janvier 2008

Bombastic High-Energy Rock'n'fuck'n'Roll

I wanted to introduce you to this gem that goes by the name of "Free and Easy", the Brooklyn-based BAD WIZARD's debut album.

What a blast I had when I first spinned this one!

Ballsy retro Rock'n'Roll with overflowing over-the-top guitar licks and leads, rawking vocals and a thundering rhythm section. Don't pass this one, this is truly magic.
You know how much I love 70's Rock'n'Roll, do you? These guys cherish Rock'n'Roll and deliver like no one else.

BAD WIZARD's later albums sound sedated compared to this explosive one that clocks in less than 30 minutes.

I give you Endless Lady and Keep high / Stay Low, the two last tracks from side A.

I'm not sure this beautiful purple vinyl is easy to find (I don't remember seeing a copy on any record fair) but what I know is that you have to spend your money on this winner, you won't regret it I promise.


By the way, I'm afraid there won't be no post for a couple of days or so, but I'll be back with more music as soon as I can!

BAD WIZARD "Free And Easy" - 2001 - USA - Tee Pee/ Cargo Records CAR LP 042

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