dimanche 27 janvier 2008

The second and heavier half of the Jersey Devils

The time has come to unleash the monster that is SOLACE's debut : "Further".

When I discovered this record, I've first been attracted by the cover. This 'monster mass' really has something appealing.
Then the music.

SOLACE is a very specific band among the Stoner community, on the verge of being part of the Doom scene but with a deadly sense of groove.

SOLACE is also about its singer. A high-pitched voice that is easily recognizable, chanting and screaming on the same verse, adding soul and dimension to the music.

SOLACE is above all about guitars. Heavy guitars. Constently howling. Hostile. Sometimes they turn out gentle for you to rest for awhile and breathe in, before they get belligerent again and go for the throat.
A classic!

Black Unholy Ground (credited as Black Unholy on the gatefold cover) actually is a classic in my book.


SOLACE "Further" - USA - 2000 - People Like You PRISON 991-1

4 commentaires:

eyeeatmusic a dit…

This by far will always be my favorite Solace record. This is a constant repeat listen since the very moment I heard it.
Perfect Guitar Playing, Fabulous Vocals.......

Devil Dick a dit…

I've heard these guys before but i'm not sure where...?

this song is pretty damn good!



Anonyme a dit…

Please, Mr. Blogger, where's the link ?????????????????
Many tnx for your hard work

Play LOUDER! For Best Results a dit…

There's no d/l link on this blog, but only extracts you can taste on the player. Hope you enjoy the ride over here!