jeudi 16 octobre 2008


As many of you may have guessed, time has come to put an end to the Secret Vinyl Conspiracy. I basically don't have time anymore to post new music. I'm pretty sad about this, and I hope in a near future I'll be able to launch a new blog I'll have enough time to dedicate to.

As the ultimate post, I thought about posting a white vinyl (I love them white!).

No need to introduce NEBULA, neither to talk about their blend of Stoner.

If you're the amazingly beautiful lady on the cover, if you or one of your friends know her, once saw her, heard of her, whatever... please get in touch! I want to know that girl! Please!

Please enjoy those last three tracks I post on this blog.

I had a lot of fun doing this and hope to share music again, as soon as I have time again, 'cause plenty of new LPs arrived lately and some more are about show up pretty soon.

Thank you for all your questions, support and much appreciated congrats, hope to be back soon.


dimanche 31 août 2008

In need of the king Riff!

I was wondering today what would my people expect when visiting the Secret Vinyl Conspiracy?

I thought about great covers. I thought about good music. And I thought about that tasty smoking vinyl sound of course.
So I started thinking about one great cover. Tons came to my mind.

And then I started thinking about some phat riffage. And it all SUDDENLY came clear : FU MANCHU's "Godzilla"!

This 10" released on Frank Kozik's Man's Ruin Record label (did I ever tell you I was a Man's Ruin completist?) is one great slab of see-thru plastic.

As everybody know it, "Godzilla" is a BLUE ÖYSTER CULT cover, but the 2 other cuts are pure FU MANCHU at their best, so you know what to expect : hellrising groove and some of the heaviest riffs.

I really like that record and would never trade it for any other guitar-driven craze.

I have to mention that Mr Homme contributes some additional percussion, that it was recorded at Rancho de la Luna and that EARTHLINGS?' geniuses Drake & Catching engineered this baby.


ENJOY the ride!

samedi 30 août 2008


I can finally find time to post some new music!
The wait is over...

Though I can't rip vinyl anymore (I guess I need a new hi-fi system), I can post some of the 45s I ripped back then... All of my 45s are ripped, so I don't need to get them out of there sleeves.

I give you one of my favorite Noise bands ever : KEPONE and it's a shame the band split (did they really? Can't find any official info on this BTW).

I love KEPONE 'cuz it's truly groovy, yet mean as hell, intricate, loud and dirty. Did you know Michael Bishop (bass & vocals) was also known as Beefcake the Mighty when he was part of GWAR?

I hope you'll enjoy those 2 new songs I post in weeks. If not, I'll do my best for the next one's a winner...


dimanche 10 août 2008


There goes my new message in weeks!

I just got my internet connection back 2 days ago, so I can post again on the SVC.

I got back from NYC with a shit load of great memories and a bunch of great LPs (Zappa, Joplin, Omnibus, Bandit, Mama Lion and some others).

I'll post music soon, but for the moment I can't rip vinyl anymore. Still have some little things to fix.

Here's my vinyl wall (upgraded and improved on a daily basis). Some new LPs to be added in a coupla weeks, and even more music to post. I'll keep you posted brothers.

Take good care and speak soon!

mardi 15 juillet 2008

Riding the city

Let's go to the city and buy LPs!

dimanche 6 juillet 2008

A little update, folks

I'm settled in this new apartment. Still have to build up shelves for the CDs. No pic to post right now, but I promise I'll post one soon.
No music for the moment as my internet connection still needs to be installed (should be done by the end of this month).
I'll be in the NYC next week, to see some friends and buy a bunch of LPs. I'll bring back some more tunes for your delighted ears.
More news to come!

Take good care y'all and speak soon.

vendredi 20 juin 2008


I'm about to move to my new apartment. Still have plenty of LPs and CDs that are not packed yet and I can't find more boxes... Will surely have to come back a day after to pick up the rest.
I won't be able to post any music in the coming days.
I fear the next music post won't happen before July... Sorry for that. I do my best to get some fresh stuff as soon as possible. Cheers!

vendredi 13 juin 2008

When classical music hits Psych Heavy Rock

Inventive Rock and technical musicianship all gathered on one record (please do not pay attention to what the band recorded afterwhile).

This is Prog Rock in one of its most demonstrative forms. Tons of variations and pinnacles, when dark Folk and heavy riffage walk together, all in a very classical music frame.

FRUUPP wasn't very popular in spite of relentless touring (with KING CRIMSON among others) and the record sales never quite satisfied Pye's Dawn label.
The band unfortunately called it quits after 4 albums and hundreds of shows.

Please ENJOY "Graveyard Epistle", you might need to buy the record right away. But note it's a $100 investment. At least. I don't like the cover though. But the music itself is pure delight.

FRUUPP "Future Legends" - 1973 - UK - Dawn DNLS 3053

dimanche 1 juin 2008

I've been stolen my wallet

A motherfucker stole my wallet yesterday night and I can tell you i'ts a pain in the ass. Credit card, ID, driving licence... He almost owns me the motherfucker.

Anyways, have you ever heard about the model who wanted to become a star and hopefully did?

Marc Bolan and its T-Rex monster created a very special kind of music, something he was the very only one to write and perform.

With this album, Bolan crafted his unimitable guitar sound and production, and established his unstoppable tunes and melodies. He stuck to his early Folk/Hippy Music orientation, added a huge amount of distorted guitars and some good dirty Rock'n'Roll to the recipe.

We all miss him dearly and the guy is one of my favorite Rock Icons.

I give you "Jewel" and I'm sure you'll ENJOY!

T-REX "s/t" - 1970 - UK - Fly HIFLY 2

mardi 20 mai 2008

More British Classic Rock!

Freshly departed from PROCOL HARUM, Bobby Harrison & Ray Royer founded FREEDOM, a Heavy Blues infected Psych Rock combo, that toured with BLACK SABBATH among others.

FREEDOM never reached great success and is often seen as a middle-of-the-pack band.

Sure it's not as inventive and catchy as other British bands of the era, but FREEDOM still delivers some great tunes and good Heavy Rock tracks that really deserve a listen.

This is the American press on Cotillion and is somehow easier to find (and cheaper also!) then the original UK press.

Go check Toe Grabber on the player and let me know what you think.


FREEDOM "Through The Years" - 1971 - UK - Cotillion SD 9048 (US press)

dimanche 11 mai 2008

The Electric Elves

Before he sang for BLACK SABBATH (among other bands), Ronnie James Dio ran a band called ELF, and they released their debut in 1972, a Classic Rock milestone. But the band needs no introduction, does it?

I found this original US press a coupla years ago, with a 3D lookalike cover. I don't know if it's a repress or any limited edition, as I've only seen it once, and subsenquently bought it.

I've seen some original copies sell for over $60 here in France, I wonder what it's worth in the US.

Please give a listen to Never More on the player, and enjoy.
This truly is a must-have, filled with hard boogie Rock anthems and the inimitable voice of Dio, the man that invented the sign of the devil (yes he's the first guy who threw the horns back in the 70's).


ELF "s/t" - 1972 - USA - Epic KE 31789

mercredi 7 mai 2008

Music to smoke to

ASH RA TEMPEL is one of the Krautrock leaders, mainly because of their debut LP (highly valuable and pretty hard to find in great condition).

"Discover Cosmic" is a French only release that consists of two ASH RA TEMPEL LPs : "Inventions for Electric Guitar" and "Seven Up" with the late Timothy Leary.

"Inventions..." is a Manuel Göttsching album only, as ASH RA TEMPEL broke up weeks earlier. This LP is about monolithic cosmic riffage and various guitar effects. Aerial et hypnotic, perfect soundtrack if you've been having a bad day and are out of pot. You don't need much if you have this.

"Seven Up" is a Timothy Leary/ASH RA TEMPEL collaboration, recorded in Switzerland with a lot of LSD and other drugs. Blues, experimentation and effects galore for a very peculiar album. Tracks are all mixed in together with bizarre noise and moog keys.

Downtown and Power Drive are the two first tracks of this album and I hope you'll like them.


ASH RA TEMPEL "Discover Cosmic" - 1975 - Germany - Ohr 940.117/18 (French only)

vendredi 2 mai 2008

Stop! Look! Listen!

From Dortmund, Germany comes EPITAPH and its second offering "Stop Look And Listen", by far its greatest achievement.

The band went on to common Hard Rock in the 80's and thus will not be discussed here.

But this one is tasty as hell!

You get some kind of Rural almost Folk intros that merge into some smart Heavy Rock, laid-back, cool but solid.

The 5 cuts here are sharp and precise, floating between false Hippy Rock and crude Hard Rock.

This German press doesn't come up very often, so I advise anybody to catch it while they can. You won't buy it for the cover (ain't that shit ugly?). You'll have to spend at leat 40€/50€ for this one, but I tell you it's worth the price!

I give you the title track, cut #5 : Stop Look And Listen.


EPITAPH "Stop Look And Listen" - 1972 - Germany - Polydor 2371 274

dimanche 27 avril 2008

What if Jim's French shallow grave was a hoax?

You all know I'm a huge DOORS fan, been a fan for near 20 years and will still be in the next decades.
The feeling I had when I listened to this album for the first time was : "Fuck! This Jim Morrison rip-off actually has something special".
And any DOORS fan have to play this one.

Back in '74 (Jim was dead for 3 years already), PHANTOM'S DIVINE COMEDY was promoted as Jim Morrison's new band by the management itself.

This Psych horror-themed album capitalizes on heavy organ, Morrison-like vocals, Heavy Rock riffage and subtle jazz touches here and there.

It's hard to listen to this record without thinking about original DOORS songs, but once you think about PHANTOM'S DIVINE COMEDY as a real band, they might sound soulful, original and inventive.
"Part 2" never saw the light of day and I'm not even sure the band had any material for another LP.
$50 is a decent price for an original US copy. Most US copies you find in Europe are Export copies with a cut corner or a punch hole in the upper right side of the cover.

"Tales From A Wizard", the album's opener, seems to be a call to the Lizard King to rise from the dead. Judge by yourself.


PHANTOM'S DIVINE COMEDY "Part 1" - 1974 - USA - Capitol ST-11313

dimanche 13 avril 2008

Sunday's face-melting guitar action

Randy California died in 1997, trying to save his son from drowning.
This guy was a highly talented guitar player, as you can hear on his debut LP.
Sure you know him thanks to the part he played in the band SPIRIT (though I don't like SPIRIT that much) and his other solo albums don't compare to this one.

On Downer, he's acompanied by Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding (credited as Henry Manchovitz and Clit McTorius).

I can only advise anybody to check this one as it's truly enjoyable from start to finish with 2 BEATLES covers and a heavy load of screaming wha-wha guitars.

A must-have? I think so!!
Please note there are 2 different covers existing. I've been told that the one you see (the one I own) is supposedly the original one (with no inscription below the picture), but if you have more info on that, please let me know!


RANDY CALIFORNIA "Kaptain Kopter And The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds" - 1972 - USA - Epic E31755

dimanche 6 avril 2008

Debe Ser Un Camello

I discovered Uncle Frank with "Hot Rats" and its awesome "ultra-violet in infra-red" photograph cover, and I got to admit it's been a real slap on my face, right at first listen.
Everything on this record is delectable.
Maybe the 'easiest' entry to the ZAPPA's discography, "Hot Rats" is also an unbeatable milestone in modern music.

Anyone would expect me to select Willie The Pimp (what a song!!!) for the player, but I went for It Must Be A Camel, the sixth and last cut of this unbelievable album.

I'm sure you will ENJOY!

FRANK ZAPPA "Hot Rats" - 1969 - USA - Bizarre RS6356

jeudi 3 avril 2008

For your listening pleasure...

... KHAN!

Steve Hillage and Dave Stewart united for a one-LP only Prog Rock outfit (with Nick Greenwood from the CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN).

Man what an incredible record! Ambitious, meditative at times, heavy and beautifully orchestrated.

Hillage's guitar work is stunning and Stewart's visceral organ parts are strong and intoxicating.

If you're into the Canterbury scene, this is truly a must-have, though you'll have to pay $100 to get a mint copy...

I had to play the record twice to decide what track to add to the player. You can't be disappointed.


KHAN "Space Shanty" - 1972 - UK - Deram SDL-R11

Going back to what I do best

Non-existing comments on recent posts made me think about going back to our cherished vintage Rock.

So here we go with YESTERDAY AND TODAY from Frisco and their debut album, released in 1976 on London Records.

Energic and hard hittin' with hardly any soft songs (one per side, cause we all need to rest for a minute or two and go to the kitchen to bring back another round of beers).

I'm amazed by the double bass drum as it was pretty rare at the time to be that assaulted all the way.
The slaying riffs are groovin' like hell and the energy is communicative.
I don't like the voice though, a bit too weak for this excellent Rock'n'Roll record.


YESTERDAY AND TODAY "s/t" - 1976 - USA - London PS677

jeudi 27 mars 2008

The Fuggy Grooves [originally titled Fuggy & Groovy] sessions unleashed

Third and final mix, focusing on the Krautrock scene, mixed up with sci-fi movie extracts and other horror classics. My personal favorite.
The tracks :
  • JANE "Moving" (from their "Here We Are" album)
  • BIRTH CONTROL "Hoodoo Man" (from their "Hoodoo Man" album)
  • BRAINTICKET "Brainticket (part 2)" (from their "Cottonwoodhill" album)
  • NEU! "Negativland" (from their s/t album)
  • AMON DÜÜL II "Dehypnotized Toothpaste"+"A Short Stop At The Transylvanian Brain Surgery" (from their "Tanz Der Lemminge" album)
  • GURU GURU "Ooga Booga" (from their "Känguru" album)


This is all about British vintage Rock!

I'm not completely satisfied with this one, something's missing, but I still don't know exactly what.

Tracklist :
  • NUTZ "Poor Man" (from their s/t album)
  • BUDGIE "Nude Disintegrating PArachutist Woman" (from their s/t album)
  • PALADIN "Fill Up Your Heart" (from their s/t album)
  • URIAH HEEP "Gypsy" (from their "Very 'Eavy... Very 'Umble" album)
  • HORSE "The Sacrifice" (from their s/t album)
  • INCREDIBLE HOG "Warning" (from their "Volume 1" album)
  • MAY BLITZ "8 Mad Grim Nits (from their "2nd Of May" album)
  • DIRTY TRICKS "The High Life" (from their s/t album)


This is the first of those 3 podcasts.

I used American bands only and some 70's movie extracts. As I did for the STONEFREAK series, I used effects and sometimes reshaped the songs to make sure this podcast is fully enjoyable (depending on the listener). This is clearly dedicated to NYC, I definitely love the city.

This is vinyl only as you may guess and the tracklist goes like this
  • ARMAGEDDON "Buzzard" (from their s/t album)
  • GRANICUS "You're In America" (from their s/t album)
  • YESTERDAY'S CHILDREN "She's Easy" (from their s/t album)
  • SIR LORD BALTIMORE "Master Headache" (from their "Kingdom Come" album)
  • BLUE CHEER "Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger" (from their "Outsideinside" album)
  • TINHOUSE "Personal Gain" (from their s/t album)
  • BANG "Come With Me"(from their s/t album)
  • JAMUL "All You Have Left Is Me" (from their s/t album)


Btw, if you like what you hear, please leave comments, that'd be well appreciated!


Switzerland's sickest act is back from the grave

The cult Swiss combo's return in 2006 kicked major ass, because the band has been buried deep in 1992 (remember this worthless record called "Vanity/Nemesis"?) and there was no sign of any comeback.

With "Monotheist", the band reinvents itself, being more frightening and desperate as it used to be in its glory days.
This is modern Metal, with a dedicated hateful and misanthropic attitude.

Monolithic riffage, haunting cries, and booming rhythm section.
The album goes through different parts, some are quiet and kinda mellow, but they're all dark as hell and massively oppressive.

Definitely not an album that is easy to listen to or easy to fully appreciate. It would take you time to get into the intricate and compulsive music of the new improved CELTIC FROST.
The gatefold cover (different visual from the CD version) and inner sleeves are beautifully designed and fucking sick.
The very first press on black vinyl is limited (heavy! - 1,000 copies?) and is quite hard to come across.

Try the opener Progeny.


CELTIC FROST "Monotheist" - 2006 - Switzerland - Century Media 77500-1

dimanche 23 mars 2008

Athens, OH Trashers

No doubt you will rush to this one once you'll have played Vengeance Will Be Mine and Limb From Limb on the player.

First off, the awesome John Baizley (of BARONESS fame) cover alone should make you wanna have it.
Then the relentless dual-guitar attack!
This is vintage Heavy Metal and NWOBHM as if there were no tomorrow, all hell breaks loose : intensity, enthousiasm and bad-ass riffage all along.

Spits of Black Metal on this revived Bay Area Trash cadaver, high-pitched Vs. haunted growls, lightspeed bass-drum abomination : one of 2007's greatest releases!

The 'ice blue' vinyl is limited to 400 copies and now sold out, a regular black version can be ordered from the HyperRealist records website.


SKELETONWITCH "Beyond The Permafrost" - 2007 - USA - Hyperrealist HR017

Easter at a tremendous speed

What a a great way to celebrate Easter!
The mighty and unstoppable SLAYER, reigning over the Metal scene for more than 2 decades.

I'm not sure I have to write anything about the band as you surely all know about the beast and have surely seen SLAYER live at least a couple of times.

I love all of their albums, but "South Of Heaven" (along with "Reign In Blood" and "Seasons In The Abyss") stands as an absolute classic, a true must-have, an LP it's impossible not to own on vinyl.

Go play Ghosts Of War, and praise the Lord.
SLAYER rules!


SLAYER "South Of Heaven" - 1988 - USA - London LONLP63 (UK press)

jeudi 20 mars 2008

Folklore & Mythology for Pagan Viking Metal!

For those familiar with the Scandinavian extreme Metal scene, ENSLAVED might need no introduction.
ENSLAVED is the essence of Viking Metal, drenched in Nordic mythology and local folklore.

As you may hear, the music has evolved a lot and now has a progressive, atmospheric feel (check "Monumension").
The epic and heroic aspects of their music is still effective and strong but the whole has been slowed down, enriched and textured.

"Isa" and "Ruun" are, to me, their most successful LPs with majestics part, brutal breaks and efficient musicianship.

Please listen to Fusion Of Sense And Earth which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest cuts out of "Ruun".


ENSLAVED "Ruun" - 2006 - Norway - Back On Black BOBV050LP

Egyptian nihilism

NILE is unquestionably one of those few leaders in the Death Metal genre, always pushing the boundaries and adding more 'extreme' into extreme Metal.

The middle-eastern and showed egyptian references (both musically and graphically) has always been a trademark and has brought NILE a very special cult following.

With "Annihilation Of The Wicked", NILE has unleashed its most ambitious, heaviest, and most massive yet detailed and clear sounding release to date.

For those who never heard anything about NILE, expect some crushing bass-drum, lightspeed riffs, inhuman demonic gutturals and, of course, egyptian imagery made music.

The vinyl version has an etched D side and is available on black vinyl or awesome grey marble. Check it out below, while playing the title track, Annihilation Of The Wicked (+Spawn Of Uamenti, the intro).


NILE "Annihilation Of The Wicked" - 2005 - USA - Relapse RR6630-1

dimanche 16 mars 2008

The Stockholm Syndrome

GRAND MAGUS started as a Doom/Stoner band and shared stages with SPIRITUAL BEGGARS (singer J.B. now sings in the band), CATHEDRAL, ORANGE GOBLIN or ROADSAW.

The "Wolf's Return" opus is more into Metal, and more exactly into the NWOBHM to be absolutely accurate. JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN among numerous others come to mind at first listen.

Sure there's a traditional Heavy Metal basis to this album, but they still follow the Doom path they've been walking down since their beginning.

In my opinion, "Wolf's Return" is their most solid album, intricate and powerful with strong lead vocals and crushing riffage.

Is the band still active? I don't know.


GRAND MAGUS "Wolf's Return" - 2005 - Sweden - Rise Above RISELP60

jeudi 13 mars 2008

Open your books PAGE 99

PAGENINETYNINE from Virginia, shaped a new form of screamy, edgy, desperate and dark Hardcore, though they define their music as Punk Rock.

This is dark and ugly, mean and harmful. Urgency is tangible throughout the 5 tracks of "Document #7". At the same time, this is all very exciting and fresh.

You really need to give them a try, it's an all-new vibrant rock'n'roll circus.

It's the second press on lavender marble vinyl (a beauty!) which is limited to 550 copies. I'm sure other copies are still available, and there's a total of 4 different pressings, so you might get your own!


PG.99 "Document #7" - 2002 - USA - Magic Bullet #24

dimanche 9 mars 2008

Some brutality on a rainy Sunday

ANODYNE originated in Boston before moving to New York to design this filthy blend of rocking Hardcore with Sludge aspects and crushing blast beats.

ANODYNE originally included Ayal Naor who quickly left the band to found 27.
"The Outer Dark" is ANODYNE's debut now reduced to a three-piece, after a short period of line-up changes and some 45s (including a split single with KEELHAUL).

ANODYNE plays some pummeling noisy Hardcore, and I can only advise anybody to give them a listen.

Go find the whole side A of this awesome grey marbled vinyl in the player, I'm sure you'll love what you hear.


ANODYNE "The Outer Dark" - 2001 - USA - Escape Artist EA14.1

jeudi 6 mars 2008

An OCEAN of tumult

OCEAN (not to be confused with The OCEAN) is from PORTLAND and offers a thundering debut that clocks in 80+ minutes (including a CURE cover that is only on vinyl!).
Bad news come from this ocean of tumult and distorted guitars, drenched in resonating bass lines and monolithic wall of drums.

Out on Important Rec. in the US in 2005, this has been re-released on vinyl through the British Rocket rec, with a slightly different cover.

Musically, OCEAN plays Doom, metallic Post Rock ala PELICAN and ISIS... with balls, guts and rage, no rest for the wicked, we're all doomed and here the soundtrack of our last days on this rotten planet Earth. Lovely!
I forgot to tell you about the beautiful splatter discs and the metallic embossed cover...

The Fall is a 24+ minute cut of depressed riffage and apocalyptic laments.


OCEAN "Here Where Nothing Grows" - USA - 2007 - Rocket Recordings Launch 027 (European repress)

dimanche 2 mars 2008

Here comes sickness

STARKWEATHER is a defining act. Many Hardcore bands fed on this monster of brutality because of its harmful sonic aggression. STARKWEATHER takes no prisoner, it slays, rapes and kills with no mercy.

Based in Philly, PA, STARKWEATHER (taking their name from a 50's serial killer) pioneered the 'Metal Core' scene at the beginning of the 90's, releasing a bunch of convincing 45s.

The dose of violence they inject in their compositions is lethal, using a thick sound production (courtesy of P. Remillard) that boasts their massive riffage machinery, the angular rhythm section and the sick, sick, sick vocals.

I read here and there about the 'cinematic flow' and the visual aspect their music manages to create in the listener's mind, and I can only agree, even if I can hardly explain it with my own words. It's a complete experience, made of sounds and visions, a complex world and an endless extreme sonic assault. To be heard to be believed. "Croatan" is their latest release and I can only wish their new effort will come out soon.

I give you the complete side A, to make sure you don't pass this one.


STARKWEATHER "Croatoan" - 2005 - USA - Hypertension Hype002

Black suits, blacks shirts and red ties

"Mono" is ICARUS LINE's debut, originally released through Crank! Records, and re-released with the help of BuddyHead.

ICARUS LINE stands at a crossing between bands such as AT THE DRIVE-IN, BLACK FLAG, 80's MATCHBOX B-LINE DISASTER, REFUSED, The BRONX and The BLOOD BROTHERS. This is the Punk roots of Hardcore with a dirty sense of Rock'n'Roll.

It's a solid LP with unexpected changes, inventive riffage, scorched-out but melodic vocals and a real attitude.
I heard somewhere the LP version was kinda hard to come across (I saw it once at a record fair and bought it!). Check the picture below (I hoped it was better quality though), it's a beautiful marbled/smokey brown slab of vinyl and some very fine tasting music. Find it!


ICARUS LINE "Mono" - 2001 - USA - BuddyHead BH005

mercredi 27 février 2008

From New York City

The PSYCHIC PARAMOUNT is the new shaped LADDIO BOLOCKO, that cult and visceral arty noise band.

Their first album, "Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural" is an incredible dose of insanity and depravity made music. Harsh and vicious, uncomfortable and aggressive, disturbed and unhealthy. Somehow unnatural. I love this.

If you never got introduced to the sick music of this band, you really miss something.

The band is currently recording material for their sophomore release and I can't wait to listen to it.

Echoh Air ends side 1 and it will blow your speakers out. Turn it up, this is truly essential.


PSYCHIC PARAMOUNT "Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural" - 2005 - USA - No Quarter NOQ007LP

dimanche 24 février 2008

Why did people ignore this one?

DRIVE LIKE JEHU hails from San Diego, CA and designed the 'emo' scene back in 1991 with their first self titled album.
With '92 "Yank Crime", the band sharpens its tremendous guitar work and frenzied vocals, getting more intense and complex at the same time.

Noisy and arty hardcore that you have to hear to believe, as its sounded completetely fresh to my ears when I first came onto the band in 1997.

I picked Luau, my favorite song out of this album, and I hope you'll like it too.


DRIVE LIKE JEHU "Yank Crime" - 1994 - USA - Cargo/Headhunter 037

Last Swedish band before we move on

The SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES is a very peculiar stuff Sweden gave us. I can tell these guys are real music lovers as "Behind The Music" is filled with different influences, obvious references and incredibly catchy clichés.
Whatever genre you think the band is, it's not, it's completely impossible to pigeonhole The SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES.

I can only advise anybody to give them a listen, as any of their releases utterly deserves one.

The second part of this album is acoustic mainly, so electric rock lovers should focus on the first record, but sides 3 & 4 are worth a listen I promise!


The SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES "Behind The Music" - 2001 - Sweden - Stickman PSYCHOBABBLE 031

Another Swedish gem

I wanted to post this great album earlier this week, but my widget Box decided not to work. Sorry for the delay posting new music, but this time I think the bullet-proof player I found will last forever!

MAMMOTH VOLUME is a clever Stoner band, adding some kind of arty Prog roots in the making of this, their second album, "Noara Dance", Matador being the opening song. Thanks to a very demonstrative handful of demos, the band earned its signing on the New York-based label The Music Cartel (now defunct).

I'm sure you'll hear similarities with The QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE (who doesn't?) in riffs and song structures on this song, but MAMMOTH VOLUME has its own personality.


MAMMOTH VOLUME "Noara Dance" - 2000 - Sweden - The Music Cartel TMC 35LP

dimanche 17 février 2008

One of the strongest Stoner tracks EVER

Who couldn't agree? Who could dare saying this one isn't HOT?

LOWRIDER raised from the ashes of the all-instrumental BEEF, and after a first split album with NEBULA (you gotta own this one too brothers, this smoking slab of plastic is awesome!), LOWRIDER finally released "Ode To Io", a true masterpiece if you're into groovy riffs, smashing riffs, endless riffs and catchy riffs.

This four-piece, in one album, managed to give the Stoner scene a new taste.
When I discovered LOWRIDER I just couldn't stop playing this album over and over again.

Caravan is the opening track, and it beats anything you're into. Caravan is an universal track that speaks to anybody. Kneel and worship!

Why do these guy ever called it quits???? Peder, if you ever come here, please answer my call : may LOWRIDER give us another round of tracks! Please! Aren't new tracks ready for use?


LOWRIDER "Ode To Io" - 2000 - Sweden - People Like You PRISON 996-1