dimanche 17 février 2008

One of the strongest Stoner tracks EVER

Who couldn't agree? Who could dare saying this one isn't HOT?

LOWRIDER raised from the ashes of the all-instrumental BEEF, and after a first split album with NEBULA (you gotta own this one too brothers, this smoking slab of plastic is awesome!), LOWRIDER finally released "Ode To Io", a true masterpiece if you're into groovy riffs, smashing riffs, endless riffs and catchy riffs.

This four-piece, in one album, managed to give the Stoner scene a new taste.
When I discovered LOWRIDER I just couldn't stop playing this album over and over again.

Caravan is the opening track, and it beats anything you're into. Caravan is an universal track that speaks to anybody. Kneel and worship!

Why do these guy ever called it quits???? Peder, if you ever come here, please answer my call : may LOWRIDER give us another round of tracks! Please! Aren't new tracks ready for use?


LOWRIDER "Ode To Io" - 2000 - Sweden - People Like You PRISON 996-1

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