vendredi 20 juin 2008


I'm about to move to my new apartment. Still have plenty of LPs and CDs that are not packed yet and I can't find more boxes... Will surely have to come back a day after to pick up the rest.
I won't be able to post any music in the coming days.
I fear the next music post won't happen before July... Sorry for that. I do my best to get some fresh stuff as soon as possible. Cheers!

vendredi 13 juin 2008

When classical music hits Psych Heavy Rock

Inventive Rock and technical musicianship all gathered on one record (please do not pay attention to what the band recorded afterwhile).

This is Prog Rock in one of its most demonstrative forms. Tons of variations and pinnacles, when dark Folk and heavy riffage walk together, all in a very classical music frame.

FRUUPP wasn't very popular in spite of relentless touring (with KING CRIMSON among others) and the record sales never quite satisfied Pye's Dawn label.
The band unfortunately called it quits after 4 albums and hundreds of shows.

Please ENJOY "Graveyard Epistle", you might need to buy the record right away. But note it's a $100 investment. At least. I don't like the cover though. But the music itself is pure delight.

FRUUPP "Future Legends" - 1973 - UK - Dawn DNLS 3053

dimanche 1 juin 2008

I've been stolen my wallet

A motherfucker stole my wallet yesterday night and I can tell you i'ts a pain in the ass. Credit card, ID, driving licence... He almost owns me the motherfucker.

Anyways, have you ever heard about the model who wanted to become a star and hopefully did?

Marc Bolan and its T-Rex monster created a very special kind of music, something he was the very only one to write and perform.

With this album, Bolan crafted his unimitable guitar sound and production, and established his unstoppable tunes and melodies. He stuck to his early Folk/Hippy Music orientation, added a huge amount of distorted guitars and some good dirty Rock'n'Roll to the recipe.

We all miss him dearly and the guy is one of my favorite Rock Icons.

I give you "Jewel" and I'm sure you'll ENJOY!

T-REX "s/t" - 1970 - UK - Fly HIFLY 2