dimanche 31 août 2008

In need of the king Riff!

I was wondering today what would my people expect when visiting the Secret Vinyl Conspiracy?

I thought about great covers. I thought about good music. And I thought about that tasty smoking vinyl sound of course.
So I started thinking about one great cover. Tons came to my mind.

And then I started thinking about some phat riffage. And it all SUDDENLY came clear : FU MANCHU's "Godzilla"!

This 10" released on Frank Kozik's Man's Ruin Record label (did I ever tell you I was a Man's Ruin completist?) is one great slab of see-thru plastic.

As everybody know it, "Godzilla" is a BLUE ÖYSTER CULT cover, but the 2 other cuts are pure FU MANCHU at their best, so you know what to expect : hellrising groove and some of the heaviest riffs.

I really like that record and would never trade it for any other guitar-driven craze.

I have to mention that Mr Homme contributes some additional percussion, that it was recorded at Rancho de la Luna and that EARTHLINGS?' geniuses Drake & Catching engineered this baby.


ENJOY the ride!

samedi 30 août 2008


I can finally find time to post some new music!
The wait is over...

Though I can't rip vinyl anymore (I guess I need a new hi-fi system), I can post some of the 45s I ripped back then... All of my 45s are ripped, so I don't need to get them out of there sleeves.

I give you one of my favorite Noise bands ever : KEPONE and it's a shame the band split (did they really? Can't find any official info on this BTW).

I love KEPONE 'cuz it's truly groovy, yet mean as hell, intricate, loud and dirty. Did you know Michael Bishop (bass & vocals) was also known as Beefcake the Mighty when he was part of GWAR?

I hope you'll enjoy those 2 new songs I post in weeks. If not, I'll do my best for the next one's a winner...


dimanche 10 août 2008


There goes my new message in weeks!

I just got my internet connection back 2 days ago, so I can post again on the SVC.

I got back from NYC with a shit load of great memories and a bunch of great LPs (Zappa, Joplin, Omnibus, Bandit, Mama Lion and some others).

I'll post music soon, but for the moment I can't rip vinyl anymore. Still have some little things to fix.

Here's my vinyl wall (upgraded and improved on a daily basis). Some new LPs to be added in a coupla weeks, and even more music to post. I'll keep you posted brothers.

Take good care and speak soon!