mercredi 31 octobre 2007

BLUE CHEER "Vincebus Eruptum" - 1968

Guess what? I can rip vinyl again! I can't believe it took me so much time to realize a jack was unplugged...

When I first discovered "Vincebus Eruptum" I couldn't help playing it again and again and again. The wax almost melted on my turn table.

Is BLUE CHEER the first loudest band in the history of Rock'n'Roll? I leave it all to you, but for me this band sounds like the quintessence of pure over-amplified fuzzed-out phased-in loud screeching guitars.

The power trio from San-Francisco released its debut album in January 1968, and hit the charts with its badass version of Cochran's classic : "Summertime Blues".
Named after a very strong acid, BLUE CHEER boasts, on this first album, a non-existing raw, kinda weak production, a very simple guitar work (courtesy of Leigh Stephens), an overweight misled drumming, a booming bass and drugged out vocals.

“Second Time Around" is the last track of this über-important album that led the way to Heavy Metal bands some 10 years later. A true masterpiece that is worth $50 in mint condition.


BLUE CHEER “Vincebus Eruptum” – 1968 – USA – Philips PHS 600-264

A FOOT IN COLDWATER "The Second Foot In Coldwater" - 1973

I don’t understand how some people love this band. I recently sold their ’77 “Breaking through” album, and the guy who bought it told me this band changed his life when he first discovered it... Well, what could I say? I rose the price up and made the deal! Still, 15 euros for a dead mint copy was a bargain...

Released in 1973, “The Second Foot In Coldwater” is AFIC’s second album. Those canadians are good musicians but they’re not much innovative and talented...
Some good parts here and there, some organ, some great guitars, a decent singer... They have that genuine “Texas shuffle” feeling I’m not very fond of.

Still, they’re some great cuts, such as "Coming Is Love", the first song of this second LP. And the cover is absolutely gorgeous...!


A FOOT IN COLDWATER “The Second Foot In Coldwater” – Canada – 1973 – Daffodil SBA 16028

dimanche 28 octobre 2007

ACE FREHLEY "s/t" - 1978

Here comes a cheap one.
Ace Frehley's self-titled release is far better than the other records his KISS band mates put out.
You can still recognize the KISS sound, but Ace being the most talented musician of the band (does anybody disagree?), he brings us a great album.

OK, this is FM US rock and music can get so much better and more intricated, but this 9-track album is pretty entertaining with some good Rock'n'Roll songs and hardly any filler...

"Fractured Mirror" is a great instrumental (I like instrumental songs by the way), honest and emotional.


ACE FREHLEY "s/t" - 1978 - USA - Casablanca NBLP 7121

jeudi 25 octobre 2007

ATOMIC ROOSTER "Death Walks Behind You" - 1970

I can't seem to fix that vinyl ripping system. I may have to uninstall & reinstall my sound card. I'm sorry I can't post many albums but checking my vinyl rips MP3 bank, I've discovered some gems I can post before it goes back to normal.

"Death Walks behind you" is ATOMIC ROOSTER's second Lp, released in 1970 and, to me, their greatest offering. Just listen to the first title-track and feel the beauty, the creepy, the doomy athmosphere of this seminal album.

The band didn't suffered the line-up changes after the first album, and ATOMIC ROOSTER is stronger than before, delivering rock solid song-writing, over-the-top musicianship and a spooky tone to the whole album. With this gloomy feeling, the band actually manages to bewitch the listener and take him to eerie and unforgettable soundscapes.

The organ-led heavy parts are absolute delights, the spirit of Vincent Crane(1945-1989) literally flies over the album.
Moreover, the inside gatefold cover is... DOOOOOOOOM!


ATOMIC ROOSTER "Death Walks Behind You - 1970 - UK - B&C CAS1026

vendredi 19 octobre 2007


OK guys, I have a problem ripping my LPs. I guess it comes from my amp, so I'll have to work it out. I wanted to post the BLUE CHEER's "Vincebus Eruptum" album, but I fear I'll have to post it later.

So I decided to post the entire STONEFREAK podcasts series I made for my pals at Disque Primeur.

The purpose of those initial podcasts was to mix various Stoner bands. I added some movies/TV shows extracts to the songs.

I also had fun reshaping/cutting/re-designing/re-mixing some of the tracks selected.

Here we go :

The first STONEFREAK volume (initially entitled Introducing the art of the stone to the nerds) was a complete "test" and it turned out to be the one people loved best. First issued in november 2006, it starts with that extract from the "Spinal Tap" movie, then it goes on with :
HERMANO "The Bottle" (from s/t)
THUMLOCK "Etherel Blue" (from Emerald Liquid Odyssey)
SIR HEDGEHOG "Bitchlord" (from s/t)
KARMA TO BURN "13" (from Wild Wonderful purgatory)
7ZUMA7 "One At A time (from Deep Inside)
NEBULA "Sun Creature" (from Sun Creature 10")
KYUSS "Asteroid" (from Sky Valley)
ACRIMONY "Herb" (from Hymns To The Stone)

Various extracts from movies and TV shows (the Doom Generation, Gladiator, David Letterman's Late Show...)
Download it here :

The second (and longest) volume :
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE "Regular John" (from s/t)
ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY "1/4 Mile" (from Constellation)
OPERATOR : GENERATOR "Equinox Planetarium" (from Polar Fleet)
BRANT BJORK "Let's Get Chinese Eyes" (from Jalamanta)
BEAVER "End Of A rope" (from Mobile)
SOLACE "Black Unholy Ground" (from Further)
ATOMIC BITCHWAX "Stork Theme"(from s/t)
SPIRITUAL BEGGARS "Blessed" (from Ad Astra)
BLACK NASA "El Segundo" (from s/t)

Various movie extracts once again (Night of the Hunter, Clerks, Spun...)
Download it here :

The third (anti-war/anti-bush/anti-everything opus) opens in a KRISIUN (Brazilian extreme Death Metal) drum intro and goes on with :
PLUTONIUM ORANGE "Fruit Of Doom" (unsigned demo)
MYSTICK KREWE OF CLEARLIGHT "Electrode" (from s/t)
SPIRIT CARAVAN "Brainwashed" (from The Last Embrace)
ORANGE GOBLIN "Solarisphere" (from Time Travelling Blues)
DOZER "Feelgood Formula" (from Call It Conspiracy)
WE "Galactic Racetrack" (from Dinosauric Futurobic)
THE GLASSPACK "Mrs Satan" (from Powderkeg)
LOWRIDER "Caravan" (from Ode to Io)

Some genuine Bush bullshit throughout
Download it here :

Last but not least comes the fourth and last volume in the STONEFREAK series. This one is about sex with :
MONSTER MAGNET "Medicine" (from Spine Of God)
SOLARIZED "Nebula Mask" (from Neanderthal Speedway)
HANGNAIL "Side/Slide" (from Ten Days Before Summer)
HOEK "Inner State" (from the BIJOLA/HOEK split)
SPOILER "Electrifyin'" (from Mud 'n Glitter)
CORE "Sarah's Curious Accident" (from The Hustle Is On)
SATELLITE CIRCLE "Kick You Right Back" (from Way Beyond The Portal...)
UNIDA "If Only Two" (from Coping With The Urban Coyote)

The only movie I used extracts of is the French movie Bernie by A. Dupontel, an absolute must-see by the way.
Download it here :

I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. If you do, please leave comments...

There's another series I'm working on, the FUGGY & GROOVY sessions (vinyl only vintage rock). The third volume is about to be released via Disque Primeur's blog, prepare for some Krautrock craziness and other obscurities...


samedi 13 octobre 2007

BOOMERANG "s/t" - 1971

This is one my favorite records of the 70's era.

After the demise of VANILLA FUDGE, Mark Stein let some of his ex-fellows go with CACTUS and he concentrated on BOOMERANG which only released this self-titled album on RCA back in 1971.

What we have here is stunning guitar-driven Rock. Stein's organ & vocals add a psych touch to the album, with 2 tear-jerking tracks (one per side), 2 absolute crushers ("Juke It" & "The Peddler", first and last songs) and great, intense, straight cuts all the way.

The guitar player (Richard Ramirez - noted "Rameriz" on the back cover) is amazing with full blast, technique and sound. Knowing that this guy was 16 by the time of the recording... He played in a band called STRIKER and released one album in 1978 but I never heard it. If someone has it, I'd love to pay it a listen...

36 years after its release, this album sounds like it's still ahead of its time. Play this one loud and you'll know what I mean!

When you'll buy it (because you know you have to own this one), make sure it has the original see-through "Boomerang" sticker on the front cover. Expect to pay at least 50/60$ for a mint copy.


BOOMERANG "s/t" - 1971 - USA - RCA LSP 4577

vendredi 12 octobre 2007

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & His Magic Band "Trout Mask Replica" - 1969

This is no easy-listening. One could easily sum up this album to a magma of spoken-words over a dissonant cacophious breaks and fall starts.

Sure, there's hardly any "song" in here, but think about "Trout Mask Replica" as absolute freedom of speach : consider music as you know it, and consider this 28-song album as a global evolution for the music and the way to experience it.

Captain Beefheart and his companions assemble, destroy, reshape and grind all of the music canons, coming up with this astonishing groundbreaking masterpiece.

True experimentalism, "Trout Mask Replica" is intricated, violent, twirling, fascinating, abstract, pointless and disconcerting at the same time.

There's a lot of reissues for this one, always prefer the original Straight double LP (look for the Straight logo in the front top right corner) with the company inner sleeves.


CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & His Magic Band "Trout Mask Replica" - 1969 - USA - Straight STS 1053

mardi 9 octobre 2007

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD "Closer To Home" - 1970

OK, this ain't no rarity, but what a hell of an album!
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD has always been one of my favorite 70's Hard Rock band, and "Closer To Home" is a strong LP.

Released right after their "Grand Funk" opus in January of 1970, the band returns with 7 more potential hits in June.

The band has grown stronger than before and gives us some absolute killer tracks. Their musicianship is sharp, their sound is raw and chunky and the trio has an irresistible energy.

"Sin's A Good Man's Brother" opens side one and what follows is just purely delicious...


GRAND FUNK RAIROAD "Closer To Home" - 1970 - USA - Capitol SKAO 471

samedi 6 octobre 2007

AMON DÜÜL II "Yeti" - 1970

This album is an absolute must-have.

"Yeti", AMON DÜÜL II's second album is trippy dope-injected psychedelic Krautrock at its best.

From "Soap Shop Rock" to "Sandoz In The Rain", "Yeti" is a roller-coaster for your ears, it swallows your mind with a eerie serenade and spit it out with a wall of crushing guitars. This is the most twisted and most psychedelic music ever put to tape.

Regarded as their greatest effort, "Yeti" is an hour-long space Rock ballet for freaks, weirdos and other music lovers...
Expect to pay at least 80€ for an original German pressing in mint condition.

"Eye-Shaking King" is an incredible song, haunting, scary and ultimately addictive... Dope smoking is advised but not obligatory.
AMON DÜÜL II "Yeti" - 1970 - Germany - Liberty LBS 83359/60 X

mercredi 3 octobre 2007

MOUNT RUSHMORE "High On Mount Rushmore" - 1968

Hippy-ish hard Blues Rock today with MOUNT RUSHMORE’s first LP : “High On Mount Rushmore”, released in 1968 on Dot Records.

The opening track is a very risky Jimi Hendrix’s cover (“Stone Free”) that is nowhere near the original, and most listeners would be likely to stop the experience right away. Nevertheless, the 7 originals of this LP, without being fantastic innovative Rock’n’Roll, have their shares of great parts. Spacy lenghty jams, quiet parts, non-stop fuzz and wah and some catchy riffs : some great rockers. A mint original copy would sell for $40 on Ebay so grab yours today!

“Looking Back” opens side 2 with a moody yet stomping tune.


MOUNT RUSHMORE “High On Mount Rushmore” – 1968 – USA – Dot DLP 25898