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OK guys, I have a problem ripping my LPs. I guess it comes from my amp, so I'll have to work it out. I wanted to post the BLUE CHEER's "Vincebus Eruptum" album, but I fear I'll have to post it later.

So I decided to post the entire STONEFREAK podcasts series I made for my pals at Disque Primeur.

The purpose of those initial podcasts was to mix various Stoner bands. I added some movies/TV shows extracts to the songs.

I also had fun reshaping/cutting/re-designing/re-mixing some of the tracks selected.

Here we go :

The first STONEFREAK volume (initially entitled Introducing the art of the stone to the nerds) was a complete "test" and it turned out to be the one people loved best. First issued in november 2006, it starts with that extract from the "Spinal Tap" movie, then it goes on with :
HERMANO "The Bottle" (from s/t)
THUMLOCK "Etherel Blue" (from Emerald Liquid Odyssey)
SIR HEDGEHOG "Bitchlord" (from s/t)
KARMA TO BURN "13" (from Wild Wonderful purgatory)
7ZUMA7 "One At A time (from Deep Inside)
NEBULA "Sun Creature" (from Sun Creature 10")
KYUSS "Asteroid" (from Sky Valley)
ACRIMONY "Herb" (from Hymns To The Stone)

Various extracts from movies and TV shows (the Doom Generation, Gladiator, David Letterman's Late Show...)
Download it here :

The second (and longest) volume :
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE "Regular John" (from s/t)
ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY "1/4 Mile" (from Constellation)
OPERATOR : GENERATOR "Equinox Planetarium" (from Polar Fleet)
BRANT BJORK "Let's Get Chinese Eyes" (from Jalamanta)
BEAVER "End Of A rope" (from Mobile)
SOLACE "Black Unholy Ground" (from Further)
ATOMIC BITCHWAX "Stork Theme"(from s/t)
SPIRITUAL BEGGARS "Blessed" (from Ad Astra)
BLACK NASA "El Segundo" (from s/t)

Various movie extracts once again (Night of the Hunter, Clerks, Spun...)
Download it here :

The third (anti-war/anti-bush/anti-everything opus) opens in a KRISIUN (Brazilian extreme Death Metal) drum intro and goes on with :
PLUTONIUM ORANGE "Fruit Of Doom" (unsigned demo)
MYSTICK KREWE OF CLEARLIGHT "Electrode" (from s/t)
SPIRIT CARAVAN "Brainwashed" (from The Last Embrace)
ORANGE GOBLIN "Solarisphere" (from Time Travelling Blues)
DOZER "Feelgood Formula" (from Call It Conspiracy)
WE "Galactic Racetrack" (from Dinosauric Futurobic)
THE GLASSPACK "Mrs Satan" (from Powderkeg)
LOWRIDER "Caravan" (from Ode to Io)

Some genuine Bush bullshit throughout
Download it here :

Last but not least comes the fourth and last volume in the STONEFREAK series. This one is about sex with :
MONSTER MAGNET "Medicine" (from Spine Of God)
SOLARIZED "Nebula Mask" (from Neanderthal Speedway)
HANGNAIL "Side/Slide" (from Ten Days Before Summer)
HOEK "Inner State" (from the BIJOLA/HOEK split)
SPOILER "Electrifyin'" (from Mud 'n Glitter)
CORE "Sarah's Curious Accident" (from The Hustle Is On)
SATELLITE CIRCLE "Kick You Right Back" (from Way Beyond The Portal...)
UNIDA "If Only Two" (from Coping With The Urban Coyote)

The only movie I used extracts of is the French movie Bernie by A. Dupontel, an absolute must-see by the way.
Download it here :

I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. If you do, please leave comments...

There's another series I'm working on, the FUGGY & GROOVY sessions (vinyl only vintage rock). The third volume is about to be released via Disque Primeur's blog, prepare for some Krautrock craziness and other obscurities...


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