mardi 9 octobre 2007

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD "Closer To Home" - 1970

OK, this ain't no rarity, but what a hell of an album!
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD has always been one of my favorite 70's Hard Rock band, and "Closer To Home" is a strong LP.

Released right after their "Grand Funk" opus in January of 1970, the band returns with 7 more potential hits in June.

The band has grown stronger than before and gives us some absolute killer tracks. Their musicianship is sharp, their sound is raw and chunky and the trio has an irresistible energy.

"Sin's A Good Man's Brother" opens side one and what follows is just purely delicious...


GRAND FUNK RAIROAD "Closer To Home" - 1970 - USA - Capitol SKAO 471

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