samedi 13 octobre 2007

BOOMERANG "s/t" - 1971

This is one my favorite records of the 70's era.

After the demise of VANILLA FUDGE, Mark Stein let some of his ex-fellows go with CACTUS and he concentrated on BOOMERANG which only released this self-titled album on RCA back in 1971.

What we have here is stunning guitar-driven Rock. Stein's organ & vocals add a psych touch to the album, with 2 tear-jerking tracks (one per side), 2 absolute crushers ("Juke It" & "The Peddler", first and last songs) and great, intense, straight cuts all the way.

The guitar player (Richard Ramirez - noted "Rameriz" on the back cover) is amazing with full blast, technique and sound. Knowing that this guy was 16 by the time of the recording... He played in a band called STRIKER and released one album in 1978 but I never heard it. If someone has it, I'd love to pay it a listen...

36 years after its release, this album sounds like it's still ahead of its time. Play this one loud and you'll know what I mean!

When you'll buy it (because you know you have to own this one), make sure it has the original see-through "Boomerang" sticker on the front cover. Expect to pay at least 50/60$ for a mint copy.


BOOMERANG "s/t" - 1971 - USA - RCA LSP 4577

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Devil Dick a dit…

I don't know this one but now I will search it out!