jeudi 25 octobre 2007

ATOMIC ROOSTER "Death Walks Behind You" - 1970

I can't seem to fix that vinyl ripping system. I may have to uninstall & reinstall my sound card. I'm sorry I can't post many albums but checking my vinyl rips MP3 bank, I've discovered some gems I can post before it goes back to normal.

"Death Walks behind you" is ATOMIC ROOSTER's second Lp, released in 1970 and, to me, their greatest offering. Just listen to the first title-track and feel the beauty, the creepy, the doomy athmosphere of this seminal album.

The band didn't suffered the line-up changes after the first album, and ATOMIC ROOSTER is stronger than before, delivering rock solid song-writing, over-the-top musicianship and a spooky tone to the whole album. With this gloomy feeling, the band actually manages to bewitch the listener and take him to eerie and unforgettable soundscapes.

The organ-led heavy parts are absolute delights, the spirit of Vincent Crane(1945-1989) literally flies over the album.
Moreover, the inside gatefold cover is... DOOOOOOOOM!


ATOMIC ROOSTER "Death Walks Behind You - 1970 - UK - B&C CAS1026

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earthdog a dit…

One of the most solid albums of the era.Why this band didn't become super huge is a mystery.