samedi 6 octobre 2007

AMON DÜÜL II "Yeti" - 1970

This album is an absolute must-have.

"Yeti", AMON DÜÜL II's second album is trippy dope-injected psychedelic Krautrock at its best.

From "Soap Shop Rock" to "Sandoz In The Rain", "Yeti" is a roller-coaster for your ears, it swallows your mind with a eerie serenade and spit it out with a wall of crushing guitars. This is the most twisted and most psychedelic music ever put to tape.

Regarded as their greatest effort, "Yeti" is an hour-long space Rock ballet for freaks, weirdos and other music lovers...
Expect to pay at least 80€ for an original German pressing in mint condition.

"Eye-Shaking King" is an incredible song, haunting, scary and ultimately addictive... Dope smoking is advised but not obligatory.
AMON DÜÜL II "Yeti" - 1970 - Germany - Liberty LBS 83359/60 X

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