dimanche 30 septembre 2007

MEL BROWN "Fifth" - 1971

MEL BROWN learned the guitar while fighting against the meningitis when he was a kind. He spent hours and days to follow his father's footsteps and play the Blues.

He began his musical career as a musician for Bobby Bland and released his first LP in 1967 on Impulse.

He doesn't play "regular traditional old-fashioned Delta Blues" but a contemporary blend of Soul Blues where you can find, piece by piece, most of his influences.

"Luv Potion" is the last track on side one, a 10+ minute instrumental that gives a good idea of how this album sounds like : it's soulful, bluesy, jazzy and hot!

Not to mention the absolutely awesome gatefold cover...

I had to post an ultimate Blues song before this Blues special feature is officially closed.


MEL BROWN "Fifth" - 1971 - USA - Impulse! AS-9209

samedi 29 septembre 2007

EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND "Sing Brother Sing" - 1970

EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND, from Warwick, UK, can't be pigeonholed.
The band plays some protest hippy Hard Blues Rock that feeds on the Zappa's MOTHERS as well as BLACK SABBATH.

"Sing Brother Sing" is their second album (their strongest in my opinion) and should be enjoyed as one epic multi-layered song. Call this a concept album if you wish, but selecting a song out of this hell of a record is not that easy.

"Momma's Reward" could be the most easy cut to listen, but experience the whole tracks in a row and you'll know what I'm trying to say.

The EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND's original UK Harvest copies are getting more and more expensive, so I could only advise you to get a copy as soon as you can.

Their first three albums ("Wasa Wasa", "Sing Brother Sing" and "s/t") now sells on Ebay for 50/80 euros for excellent copies. More and more people are discovering this incredible band and everybody wants a copy... Be quick!


EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND "Sing Brother Sing" - 1970 - UK - Harvest SHVL 772

V/A "Dimension Of Miracles" - 1970

A week long and no post.. Sorry but I've been that busy last week.

I first heard about this Mercury label compilation thanks to my acid freak italian friend Filippo.
Mercury boasts its best selling artists (Rod Stewart, Buddy Miles, David Bowie) and more independant artists (J.D. Blackfoot, SIR LORD BALTIMORE, among others).

Look at this beautiful Marcus Keef's cover, the man behind dozens of unforgettable covers (BLACK SABBATH, CRESSIDA, AFFINITY, INDIAN SUMMER - see below).

This being a post some of you have been waiting for a week long, I picked up three songs :
ANCIENT GREASE "Women and Children First" from their 1970 release. Heavy keyboards, scorching guitars and aggressive vocals.
J.D. BLACKFOOT "The Ultimate Prophecy". I really love the beginning of the song. The rest is more common. Anyway, this track rocks.
SIR LORD BALTIMORE "Helium Head" from "Kingdom Come". What can I say about this crushing Hard Rock band? Were they the greatest of all? Possibly.


V/A "Dimension Of Miracles" - 1970 - USA - Mercury 6641 005 (French press)

samedi 22 septembre 2007

The BLACK KEYS "The Big Come Up" - 2002

It's good to have some newcomers up on this blog once in a while. The BLACK KEYS ain't exactly newcomers since they've been distilling their special blend of Garage Blues since 2002.

This duo from Ohio injects all of its influences in its playing. Blues, Garage, Folk, Soul, Indie and Electronics. Not to be mistaken with the JON SPENCER EXPLOSION or the WHITE STRIPES, though those three are not completely aliens one to the others.

Still, I like the thick sounding electric guitar and the lo-fi mix of the whole thing. Some great originals and some cover songs (Listen to their own version of "No Fun"!). These guys know how to play great songs and do it with attitude.
I definitely prefer this first album compared to what they did afterwards.
Moreover, the beautiful white wax enclosed is a beauty.


The BLACK KEYS "The Big Come Up" - 2002 - USA -Alive Recordings 0044-1

vendredi 21 septembre 2007


Aynsley Dunbar started his career as a Jazz drummer before joining John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. This guy met the greatest performers at the time and played with most of them (Eddie Boyd, Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, John Lee Hooker, Alvin Lee to name but a few).

About this first album (have a look at this gorgeous cover), let's say that the master and his boys deliver the goods : downtuned Blues, sad and blue, the way this music has to be played. 9 tracks of Jazz-infused Hard Blues Rock, with slight psychedelic touches (we're in '69, goddammit!).

Concerning "Mutiny", the track I chose (for the devastating drum solo!!), I have to admit it doesn't fit absolutely well in that Blues series, because of its strong Jazz rhythm section, but don't you think the short guitar solo goes into a blues variation?


AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION "s/t" - 1969 - UK - Liberty LBL 83154 (mono press)

jeudi 20 septembre 2007


HOUND DOG TAYLOR to go on this week's Blues series.

He was 20 when he touched his first guitar, he then moved to Chicago, recruited Brewer Phillips (second guitar) and Ted Harvey (drums) to play dirty bars and tiny clubs, until Bruce Iglauer (Alligator records) offered the trio its first official recording deal.

This, their first LP, was not a real success and Hound Dog Taylor himself knew he was no virtuoso, but his dangerous slide-style Blues is simply amazing.

His playing is also very 'heavy' compared to other Chicago Blues great names, he had his own distorted, searing style. Some instrumentals, some up-tempo, and always delectable.

I think 70's Hard Rock fans should check him out because of his particular playing.


HOUND DOG TAYLOR & The HOUSEROCKERS "s/t" - 1971 - USA - Sonet STY 28095 (French press)

dimanche 16 septembre 2007


The French outfit ALAN JACK CIVILIZATION released its only LP in 1969, a psych-filled bluesy offering, pretty hard to find in great condition...

The main problem with the French bands that sing in english is that their accent and pronunciation suck, and ALAN JACK CIVILIZATION is one of them, that's the reason why I think the vocal parts are a bit weak.

Vocals set aside, songs are strong and the guitar leads are wild.

Organ and tambourine give the album a psychedelic touch and it's obvious the guys are having a great time in the studio.

"Middle Earth", my favorite track with "What You Gonna Say", is the longest track and closes side 2.

"Bluesy Mind" is definitely worth a listen.


ALAN JACK CIVILIZATION "Bluesy Mind" - 1969 - France - BYG 529011

MUDDY WATERS "Electric Mud" - 1968

To me, MUDDY WATERS is the most important blues figure.
It would be ado to get historical here knowing that some guys would do it far better than me, so let's focus on the music.

"Electric Mud" is his '68 psychedelic release and encloses some Muddy's classics : "I Just Want To Make Love To You" (get it on the player), "Hoochie Cootchie Man" - both are Willie Dixon's songs) and "Mannish Boy". Don't forget to mention the ROLLING STONES cover "Let's Spend The Night Together" (should I remind everybody that the STONES named themselves after a MUDDY WATERS' song?).
Know that this album came out with an 8-page booklet and the gatefold inner photo is basically gorgeous.

MUDDY WATERS was one of the electric blues pioneers, and with JIMI HENDRIX growing bigger and bigger at the time, this album sets MUDDY as the legitimate father of all the emerging Psych/Heavy Rock/Blues scene.

We could speak for hours about the great man, so let's the music talk instead, and play "I Just Want To Make Love To You".


MUDDY WATERS "Electric Mud" - 1968 - USA - Cadet Concept LPS 314

jeudi 13 septembre 2007

STARK NAKED "s/t" - 1971

I have to thank my friend Pete who sent this LP to me from Brooklyn, NY. It arrived safely this morning, thank you very much!

This Long Island based 6-piece released their sole album in 1971, and parted ways soon after, when they realized they'd been fooled and robbed by their own manager...

You'll find 6 long tracks in here ("Sins", the song I chose for the player, being the shortest one), in the Hard/Prog vein. If it wasn't for their nationality, we could bet these guys were english as this LP definitely has a UK Prog taste.

If there are some weak parts here and there, the rest of the record is solid!
It seems to me that STARK NAKED didn't have enough material for a full length, so they decided to stretch out the songs.

There's a sort of "evil" dimension to this album ("All Of Them Witches", "Sins"), vocal lines and some keyboard parts remind me of some Hammer classic horror movies. Creepy...

"Sins" is the most Heavy cut here, other tracks are more complicated and progressive.


By the way, I'll soon cut some songs off the player. If you want me to repost any of the deleted tracks, let me know.
Moreover, I'm thinking about launching a new blog. It's gonna be modern Heavy music this time (vinyl only, as usual), so come back soon for more info on this.

STARK NAKED "s/t" - 1971 - USA - LSP-4592

mercredi 12 septembre 2007

TIN HOUSE "s/t" - 1971

These kids know how to rock, and they rock hard! Unfortunately, this self-titled effort is the only LP they ever put out.

Produced by RICK DERRINGER and released on Epic back in 1971, this 10-track Rock-injected album is one of my personal favorites.

Those 3 are 18 years old on average and I tell you they deliver! Their musicianship is stunning, the tunes are catchy and riffs are heavy.

EDGAR WINTER contributes some quieter parts here and there, and the boys rock all the way through.

Don't judge this one by the cover, pay up to $50 for this one and own it!

"Be Good And Be Kind" is one my favorite tracks on this one, along with "Personal Gain" or "Jezebel".

A must-have for Hard Rock freaks out there, and I know there's some...


TIN HOUSE "s/t" - 1971- USA - Epic BN 26291 (Dutch press)

jeudi 6 septembre 2007

DEEP PURPLE "Shapes Of Deep Purple" - 1968

This first DEEP PURPLE's offering is half made of covers ("Help", "Hush" - their first hit single- "I'm So Glad" and "Hey Joe") to which they bring their own identity and heavy, haunting feeling.

When it comes to their own compositions, we can almost feel what is about to come with this band, and their musicianship is more than promising.

Nevertheless, apart from "Mandrake Root", the selected cut on the player, the rest of the album is not that heavy and sometimes lack 'professionalism'.

That said, this LP is worth paying a listen if you're not already keen on the DEEP PURPLE vast discography (their earliest releases are the best, until "Burn")


DEEP PURPLE "Shades Of Deep Purple" - 1969 - UK - Warner P-10332W ('73 Japan reissue)

The STOOGES "Declaration Of War - The Best Of The Funhouse Sessions" - 1999

When the STOOGES gathered in the studio in 1970 for the recording of "Funhouse", they didn't know they were about to record one of the most incredible records ever and give birth at the same time to what was about to become the Punk scene.

Anyways, let focus on this compilation instead of wasting time talking about history.

Rhino, as always, did a great job releasing "the Complete Funhouse Sessions" back in '99, a must-have CD boxset for all the STOOGES freaks out there.

Simultaneously, they released this compilation, "Declaration Of War". Here you'll find the greatest alternate takes and songs that didn't appear on the final version : "Slide (Slidin the blues)" which, I believe, turned out to be "L.A. Blues", and "Lost In The future". It's a great loss as this late track was more than worthy to appear on the definitive version.

Let's compare it to "Dirt" : a strong and oppressive athmosphere and a twirling saxophone, not to mention the scorched out Iggy's voice.
It's the first take of the song that have been chosen to appear on this compilation.

Throughout this record, I have the feeling that the band was experiencing a lot of stuff and didn't feel that comfortable with the compositions, but Steve McKay and his incredible playing.


The STOOGES "Declaration of War : The Best Of The Funhouse Sessions" - 1999 - USA - Rhino Handmade RHM2-7707LP

samedi 1 septembre 2007

INDIAN SUMMER "s/t" - 1971

First september post, a judicious one and a rarity.

INDIAN SUMMER, from Coventry, UK, released this sole album in 1971. Progressive Rock, a bit of Folk with a rural feeling all the way.

INDIAN SUMMER almost signed on Vertigo in 1969, but Jim Simpson chose BLACK SABBATH instead...

2 years later, Ex-Vertigo Records manager Olav Wyper is advised by Simpson to sign INDIAN SUMMER.

The band teams up with Rodger Bain (who produced BLACK SABBATH's first album) and finally get their album out on Neon, RCA in-house label for Progressive music.

"Emotions Of Men" is a great exemple of what their music is all about : great guitar work, strong voice, long instrumental parts and a moody combination of influences.


INDIAN SUMMER "s/t" - 1971 - UK - RCA Neon NE3