jeudi 6 septembre 2007

The STOOGES "Declaration Of War - The Best Of The Funhouse Sessions" - 1999

When the STOOGES gathered in the studio in 1970 for the recording of "Funhouse", they didn't know they were about to record one of the most incredible records ever and give birth at the same time to what was about to become the Punk scene.

Anyways, let focus on this compilation instead of wasting time talking about history.

Rhino, as always, did a great job releasing "the Complete Funhouse Sessions" back in '99, a must-have CD boxset for all the STOOGES freaks out there.

Simultaneously, they released this compilation, "Declaration Of War". Here you'll find the greatest alternate takes and songs that didn't appear on the final version : "Slide (Slidin the blues)" which, I believe, turned out to be "L.A. Blues", and "Lost In The future". It's a great loss as this late track was more than worthy to appear on the definitive version.

Let's compare it to "Dirt" : a strong and oppressive athmosphere and a twirling saxophone, not to mention the scorched out Iggy's voice.
It's the first take of the song that have been chosen to appear on this compilation.

Throughout this record, I have the feeling that the band was experiencing a lot of stuff and didn't feel that comfortable with the compositions, but Steve McKay and his incredible playing.


The STOOGES "Declaration of War : The Best Of The Funhouse Sessions" - 1999 - USA - Rhino Handmade RHM2-7707LP

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