jeudi 6 septembre 2007

DEEP PURPLE "Shapes Of Deep Purple" - 1968

This first DEEP PURPLE's offering is half made of covers ("Help", "Hush" - their first hit single- "I'm So Glad" and "Hey Joe") to which they bring their own identity and heavy, haunting feeling.

When it comes to their own compositions, we can almost feel what is about to come with this band, and their musicianship is more than promising.

Nevertheless, apart from "Mandrake Root", the selected cut on the player, the rest of the album is not that heavy and sometimes lack 'professionalism'.

That said, this LP is worth paying a listen if you're not already keen on the DEEP PURPLE vast discography (their earliest releases are the best, until "Burn")


DEEP PURPLE "Shades Of Deep Purple" - 1969 - UK - Warner P-10332W ('73 Japan reissue)

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earthdog a dit…

I must admit i still like listening to this album even if it is a bit dated.Tracks like Mandrake Root gave hints to what the band was to become while at other times they sound like a poor man's Vanilla Fudge.Its a stronger album than their second album to my ears.