mercredi 12 septembre 2007

TIN HOUSE "s/t" - 1971

These kids know how to rock, and they rock hard! Unfortunately, this self-titled effort is the only LP they ever put out.

Produced by RICK DERRINGER and released on Epic back in 1971, this 10-track Rock-injected album is one of my personal favorites.

Those 3 are 18 years old on average and I tell you they deliver! Their musicianship is stunning, the tunes are catchy and riffs are heavy.

EDGAR WINTER contributes some quieter parts here and there, and the boys rock all the way through.

Don't judge this one by the cover, pay up to $50 for this one and own it!

"Be Good And Be Kind" is one my favorite tracks on this one, along with "Personal Gain" or "Jezebel".

A must-have for Hard Rock freaks out there, and I know there's some...


TIN HOUSE "s/t" - 1971- USA - Epic BN 26291 (Dutch press)

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