samedi 22 septembre 2007

The BLACK KEYS "The Big Come Up" - 2002

It's good to have some newcomers up on this blog once in a while. The BLACK KEYS ain't exactly newcomers since they've been distilling their special blend of Garage Blues since 2002.

This duo from Ohio injects all of its influences in its playing. Blues, Garage, Folk, Soul, Indie and Electronics. Not to be mistaken with the JON SPENCER EXPLOSION or the WHITE STRIPES, though those three are not completely aliens one to the others.

Still, I like the thick sounding electric guitar and the lo-fi mix of the whole thing. Some great originals and some cover songs (Listen to their own version of "No Fun"!). These guys know how to play great songs and do it with attitude.
I definitely prefer this first album compared to what they did afterwards.
Moreover, the beautiful white wax enclosed is a beauty.


The BLACK KEYS "The Big Come Up" - 2002 - USA -Alive Recordings 0044-1

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mr.A a dit…

Thank you very much for this one dude! I realy like what these guys are doing.