jeudi 13 septembre 2007

STARK NAKED "s/t" - 1971

I have to thank my friend Pete who sent this LP to me from Brooklyn, NY. It arrived safely this morning, thank you very much!

This Long Island based 6-piece released their sole album in 1971, and parted ways soon after, when they realized they'd been fooled and robbed by their own manager...

You'll find 6 long tracks in here ("Sins", the song I chose for the player, being the shortest one), in the Hard/Prog vein. If it wasn't for their nationality, we could bet these guys were english as this LP definitely has a UK Prog taste.

If there are some weak parts here and there, the rest of the record is solid!
It seems to me that STARK NAKED didn't have enough material for a full length, so they decided to stretch out the songs.

There's a sort of "evil" dimension to this album ("All Of Them Witches", "Sins"), vocal lines and some keyboard parts remind me of some Hammer classic horror movies. Creepy...

"Sins" is the most Heavy cut here, other tracks are more complicated and progressive.


By the way, I'll soon cut some songs off the player. If you want me to repost any of the deleted tracks, let me know.
Moreover, I'm thinking about launching a new blog. It's gonna be modern Heavy music this time (vinyl only, as usual), so come back soon for more info on this.

STARK NAKED "s/t" - 1971 - USA - LSP-4592

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Devil Dick a dit…

i just picked this up and man i really dig it! thanks for turning me on to this!!!

beaug a dit…

I cant find the download link
where is it????? thanks