samedi 29 septembre 2007

EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND "Sing Brother Sing" - 1970

EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND, from Warwick, UK, can't be pigeonholed.
The band plays some protest hippy Hard Blues Rock that feeds on the Zappa's MOTHERS as well as BLACK SABBATH.

"Sing Brother Sing" is their second album (their strongest in my opinion) and should be enjoyed as one epic multi-layered song. Call this a concept album if you wish, but selecting a song out of this hell of a record is not that easy.

"Momma's Reward" could be the most easy cut to listen, but experience the whole tracks in a row and you'll know what I'm trying to say.

The EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND's original UK Harvest copies are getting more and more expensive, so I could only advise you to get a copy as soon as you can.

Their first three albums ("Wasa Wasa", "Sing Brother Sing" and "s/t") now sells on Ebay for 50/80 euros for excellent copies. More and more people are discovering this incredible band and everybody wants a copy... Be quick!


EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND "Sing Brother Sing" - 1970 - UK - Harvest SHVL 772

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earthdog a dit…

Great review of a classic album."Sing Brother Sing" was the best release from this band.I wish they could have done more albums up to this standard,not that the others were bad!This album was just so good!

Devil Dick a dit…

I don't own this one but must get it!!!