dimanche 16 septembre 2007


The French outfit ALAN JACK CIVILIZATION released its only LP in 1969, a psych-filled bluesy offering, pretty hard to find in great condition...

The main problem with the French bands that sing in english is that their accent and pronunciation suck, and ALAN JACK CIVILIZATION is one of them, that's the reason why I think the vocal parts are a bit weak.

Vocals set aside, songs are strong and the guitar leads are wild.

Organ and tambourine give the album a psychedelic touch and it's obvious the guys are having a great time in the studio.

"Middle Earth", my favorite track with "What You Gonna Say", is the longest track and closes side 2.

"Bluesy Mind" is definitely worth a listen.


ALAN JACK CIVILIZATION "Bluesy Mind" - 1969 - France - BYG 529011

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