samedi 29 septembre 2007

V/A "Dimension Of Miracles" - 1970

A week long and no post.. Sorry but I've been that busy last week.

I first heard about this Mercury label compilation thanks to my acid freak italian friend Filippo.
Mercury boasts its best selling artists (Rod Stewart, Buddy Miles, David Bowie) and more independant artists (J.D. Blackfoot, SIR LORD BALTIMORE, among others).

Look at this beautiful Marcus Keef's cover, the man behind dozens of unforgettable covers (BLACK SABBATH, CRESSIDA, AFFINITY, INDIAN SUMMER - see below).

This being a post some of you have been waiting for a week long, I picked up three songs :
ANCIENT GREASE "Women and Children First" from their 1970 release. Heavy keyboards, scorching guitars and aggressive vocals.
J.D. BLACKFOOT "The Ultimate Prophecy". I really love the beginning of the song. The rest is more common. Anyway, this track rocks.
SIR LORD BALTIMORE "Helium Head" from "Kingdom Come". What can I say about this crushing Hard Rock band? Were they the greatest of all? Possibly.


V/A "Dimension Of Miracles" - 1970 - USA - Mercury 6641 005 (French press)

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earthdog a dit…

I like your comment on Sir Lord Baltimore.Its amazing how many people out there have yet to discover that band.They were one of the best hard rock acts ever!

Anonyme a dit…

I had this double album and it inspired me to check up on several of the bands featured on it. David Bowie's 'Starman' single was something of a disappointment after the 'Width of a Circle' track on this album. I still have albums by JD Blackfoot, Ancient Grease etc from having first heard them on this sampler. These compilation LPs were a great concept and one that has continued with the magazine giveaways - not seen the cover for years - thanks for that - Keith @ Artists UK