jeudi 20 septembre 2007


HOUND DOG TAYLOR to go on this week's Blues series.

He was 20 when he touched his first guitar, he then moved to Chicago, recruited Brewer Phillips (second guitar) and Ted Harvey (drums) to play dirty bars and tiny clubs, until Bruce Iglauer (Alligator records) offered the trio its first official recording deal.

This, their first LP, was not a real success and Hound Dog Taylor himself knew he was no virtuoso, but his dangerous slide-style Blues is simply amazing.

His playing is also very 'heavy' compared to other Chicago Blues great names, he had his own distorted, searing style. Some instrumentals, some up-tempo, and always delectable.

I think 70's Hard Rock fans should check him out because of his particular playing.


HOUND DOG TAYLOR & The HOUSEROCKERS "s/t" - 1971 - USA - Sonet STY 28095 (French press)

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