dimanche 24 février 2008

Last Swedish band before we move on

The SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES is a very peculiar stuff Sweden gave us. I can tell these guys are real music lovers as "Behind The Music" is filled with different influences, obvious references and incredibly catchy clichés.
Whatever genre you think the band is, it's not, it's completely impossible to pigeonhole The SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES.

I can only advise anybody to give them a listen, as any of their releases utterly deserves one.

The second part of this album is acoustic mainly, so electric rock lovers should focus on the first record, but sides 3 & 4 are worth a listen I promise!


The SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES "Behind The Music" - 2001 - Sweden - Stickman PSYCHOBABBLE 031

2 commentaires:

Devil Dick a dit…

me and the lady friend were lucky enough to see thema bunch of times over here in the states! nice post!

eyeeatmusic a dit…

Oh Jesus I was just gonna say the same. Good Live show! Great Choice