dimanche 17 février 2008

Swedes rock hard!

DOZER could easily be seen as the hardest working Stoner band in the Swedish business. Not only the band as a whole, but the members themselves...

Splits with DEMON CLEANER and UNIDA set the band as valuable newcomers, and DOZER released their two first albums on Man's Ruin Records, "In The Tail Of A Comet" (2000) and "Madre De Dios" (2001).

Released in 2003, "Call It Conspiracy" is their strongest release (imho), with powerful songs and an awesome groove.

Feelgood Formula is by far my favorite cut, rock solid and grooving as hell! Play it now and tell me what you think.


DOZER "Call It Conspiracy" - 2003 - Sweden - Molten Universe MOLTEN 019

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Devil Dick a dit…

we toured with them for this album in the states, great guys & a great album!