mercredi 13 février 2008

Stoner Metal from Sweden

BOOGIEMAN is one of those bands that overdosed on 80's Heavy Metal and found its way with KYUSS.

The Swedish Rock'n'Roll and Stoner scenes brought us some very important bands (I just realized I didn't post LOWRIDER so far..., what the fuck?).
BOOGIEMAN has a strong 'Hair Metal' approach
and will please 80's Metal rockers, with catchy refrains, singalongs, and solid song structures.
The band never released any other LP nor 10", and I really don't know if they're still active.

Satisfaction ain't no STONES' cover, and may give you a great idea of what is to expect with this record.


BOOGIEMAN "Triple Six Blues" - 2003 - Sweden - People Like You PRISON 061-1

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Devil Dick a dit…

cool stuff, will have to track this down...