mardi 5 février 2008

On celebrating more than 10,000 visits!

Gee! Who would have thought this blog would have attracted so much visitors!?
Thank you all so much!

To celebrate this little success, I thought you'd love to hear some BARONESS (one of the greatest things that happened to the heavy scene those last 3 years).

I really love this band, their powerful blend of heaviness, their great musicianship, their obvious
sense of melody and the sharp "Prog" feel they manage to throw in the mix.

This, their second ep (and its righteous title : "Second") shapes the sound to come with the "Red Album" (soon to be released on vinyl, come back soon...!).

I like this one better than their first ep ("First") and I give you Vision, the last of the 3 tracks. Did I tell you the B side was etched? Rush on this one!


BARONESS "Second" - 2005 - USA - Hyperrealist HR010

2 commentaires:

eyeeatmusic a dit…

I love them a great deal too. Arent they in Europe-did you get to see em LIVE?
I saw them in a tiny record store-they were Great.

Killer artwork also

Play LOUDER! For Best Results a dit…

Yes they're in Europe right now but I won't see them live this time, bummer. Maybe this summer if they play any town in the NY state...