dimanche 24 février 2008

Another Swedish gem

I wanted to post this great album earlier this week, but my widget Box decided not to work. Sorry for the delay posting new music, but this time I think the bullet-proof player I found will last forever!

MAMMOTH VOLUME is a clever Stoner band, adding some kind of arty Prog roots in the making of this, their second album, "Noara Dance", Matador being the opening song. Thanks to a very demonstrative handful of demos, the band earned its signing on the New York-based label The Music Cartel (now defunct).

I'm sure you'll hear similarities with The QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE (who doesn't?) in riffs and song structures on this song, but MAMMOTH VOLUME has its own personality.


MAMMOTH VOLUME "Noara Dance" - 2000 - Sweden - The Music Cartel TMC 35LP

2 commentaires:

Devil Dick a dit…

i like to call this one "hippy" stoner rock with a REAL 70's vibe. a great under appreciated album. Cheers!

Anonyme a dit…

1st Cut Kills me everytime