dimanche 23 mars 2008

Athens, OH Trashers

No doubt you will rush to this one once you'll have played Vengeance Will Be Mine and Limb From Limb on the player.

First off, the awesome John Baizley (of BARONESS fame) cover alone should make you wanna have it.
Then the relentless dual-guitar attack!
This is vintage Heavy Metal and NWOBHM as if there were no tomorrow, all hell breaks loose : intensity, enthousiasm and bad-ass riffage all along.

Spits of Black Metal on this revived Bay Area Trash cadaver, high-pitched Vs. haunted growls, lightspeed bass-drum abomination : one of 2007's greatest releases!

The 'ice blue' vinyl is limited to 400 copies and now sold out, a regular black version can be ordered from the HyperRealist records website.


SKELETONWITCH "Beyond The Permafrost" - 2007 - USA - Hyperrealist HR017

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