jeudi 27 mars 2008

Switzerland's sickest act is back from the grave

The cult Swiss combo's return in 2006 kicked major ass, because the band has been buried deep in 1992 (remember this worthless record called "Vanity/Nemesis"?) and there was no sign of any comeback.

With "Monotheist", the band reinvents itself, being more frightening and desperate as it used to be in its glory days.
This is modern Metal, with a dedicated hateful and misanthropic attitude.

Monolithic riffage, haunting cries, and booming rhythm section.
The album goes through different parts, some are quiet and kinda mellow, but they're all dark as hell and massively oppressive.

Definitely not an album that is easy to listen to or easy to fully appreciate. It would take you time to get into the intricate and compulsive music of the new improved CELTIC FROST.
The gatefold cover (different visual from the CD version) and inner sleeves are beautifully designed and fucking sick.
The very first press on black vinyl is limited (heavy! - 1,000 copies?) and is quite hard to come across.

Try the opener Progeny.


CELTIC FROST "Monotheist" - 2006 - Switzerland - Century Media 77500-1

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