jeudi 6 mars 2008

An OCEAN of tumult

OCEAN (not to be confused with The OCEAN) is from PORTLAND and offers a thundering debut that clocks in 80+ minutes (including a CURE cover that is only on vinyl!).
Bad news come from this ocean of tumult and distorted guitars, drenched in resonating bass lines and monolithic wall of drums.

Out on Important Rec. in the US in 2005, this has been re-released on vinyl through the British Rocket rec, with a slightly different cover.

Musically, OCEAN plays Doom, metallic Post Rock ala PELICAN and ISIS... with balls, guts and rage, no rest for the wicked, we're all doomed and here the soundtrack of our last days on this rotten planet Earth. Lovely!
I forgot to tell you about the beautiful splatter discs and the metallic embossed cover...

The Fall is a 24+ minute cut of depressed riffage and apocalyptic laments.


OCEAN "Here Where Nothing Grows" - USA - 2007 - Rocket Recordings Launch 027 (European repress)

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Devil Dick a dit…

another great band that solace was lucky eneough to tour with, great band & great guys and a great lp!!!
nice post!