jeudi 20 mars 2008

Folklore & Mythology for Pagan Viking Metal!

For those familiar with the Scandinavian extreme Metal scene, ENSLAVED might need no introduction.
ENSLAVED is the essence of Viking Metal, drenched in Nordic mythology and local folklore.

As you may hear, the music has evolved a lot and now has a progressive, atmospheric feel (check "Monumension").
The epic and heroic aspects of their music is still effective and strong but the whole has been slowed down, enriched and textured.

"Isa" and "Ruun" are, to me, their most successful LPs with majestics part, brutal breaks and efficient musicianship.

Please listen to Fusion Of Sense And Earth which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest cuts out of "Ruun".


ENSLAVED "Ruun" - 2006 - Norway - Back On Black BOBV050LP

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