dimanche 2 mars 2008

Here comes sickness

STARKWEATHER is a defining act. Many Hardcore bands fed on this monster of brutality because of its harmful sonic aggression. STARKWEATHER takes no prisoner, it slays, rapes and kills with no mercy.

Based in Philly, PA, STARKWEATHER (taking their name from a 50's serial killer) pioneered the 'Metal Core' scene at the beginning of the 90's, releasing a bunch of convincing 45s.

The dose of violence they inject in their compositions is lethal, using a thick sound production (courtesy of P. Remillard) that boasts their massive riffage machinery, the angular rhythm section and the sick, sick, sick vocals.

I read here and there about the 'cinematic flow' and the visual aspect their music manages to create in the listener's mind, and I can only agree, even if I can hardly explain it with my own words. It's a complete experience, made of sounds and visions, a complex world and an endless extreme sonic assault. To be heard to be believed. "Croatan" is their latest release and I can only wish their new effort will come out soon.

I give you the complete side A, to make sure you don't pass this one.


STARKWEATHER "Croatoan" - 2005 - USA - Hypertension Hype002

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