mercredi 7 mai 2008

Music to smoke to

ASH RA TEMPEL is one of the Krautrock leaders, mainly because of their debut LP (highly valuable and pretty hard to find in great condition).

"Discover Cosmic" is a French only release that consists of two ASH RA TEMPEL LPs : "Inventions for Electric Guitar" and "Seven Up" with the late Timothy Leary.

"Inventions..." is a Manuel Göttsching album only, as ASH RA TEMPEL broke up weeks earlier. This LP is about monolithic cosmic riffage and various guitar effects. Aerial et hypnotic, perfect soundtrack if you've been having a bad day and are out of pot. You don't need much if you have this.

"Seven Up" is a Timothy Leary/ASH RA TEMPEL collaboration, recorded in Switzerland with a lot of LSD and other drugs. Blues, experimentation and effects galore for a very peculiar album. Tracks are all mixed in together with bizarre noise and moog keys.

Downtown and Power Drive are the two first tracks of this album and I hope you'll like them.


ASH RA TEMPEL "Discover Cosmic" - 1975 - Germany - Ohr 940.117/18 (French only)

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