vendredi 4 janvier 2008

Some Latin Heavy Psych

LOS NATAS hails from Argentina and released its first album, Delmar, on the dearly missed Man's Ruin label, in 1998.

With Corsario Negro, the band teamed up with Billy Anderson and the guy really empowered the tracks, giving them a heavier dimension and a real fickleness. I have the feeling the guitars are gasping for air in an oppressive atmosphere, using pedal effects to breathe a little.

If you didn't check Corsario Negro because you got kinda bored with the NATAS' sound, know that it's a winner, with long instrumental "psych" parts, crushing heavy breaks and some ethereal parts that root out of smoky songs.

This 180g vinyl is still available from Beard Of Stars Rec. (Italy) so go grab your copy now!

I give you "2002" and "Planeta Solitario", the first 2 tracks of this brilliant album.


LOS NATAS "Corsaio Negro" - 2002 - Argentina - Beard Of Stars BOSLP30

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