mardi 8 janvier 2008

The Absolute HAMMER!

Here's the record I couldn't live without.
I guess there's no need to talk about their lead singer and his pedigree...

UNIDA's sole LP really is the absolute hammer. Everything here is strong, groooooovy as hell, sharp as a knife, and tense. The sound production is booming and the band delivers the the goods like no other.

UNIDA recorded another album that never saw the light of day (I mean officially...). What a waste! I've been told it was incredibly expensive to have it released properly.

There's a track missing on the LP version ("Plastic") compared to the CD. The vinyl release is a joint-venture between Man's Ruin and Cargo Germany and is available in 2 different editions : splatter (Germany only) and clear (rest of the world).

Moreover, the picture inside the gatefold cover is colored (not a poor black&white print in a poor CD sleeve)...

I give you "If Only Two", my favorite track from Coping With The Urban Coyote, and one of the strongest monster tracks ever.


UNIDA "Coping With The Urban Coyote" - 1999 - USA - Man's Ruin/Cargo Records CAR 03

Here are the clear and splatter vinyl versions :

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eyeeatmusic a dit…

I love that your followin another path with your blog my friend. I've been stoppin by and readin' but also most of this current stuff is not the vein of Stonerrock I enjoy.
I do like the Unida, Saw Both Om & Dead Meadow live-it was a Bore

Play LOUDER! For Best Results a dit…

You mean you like your Stonerrock with furious '70s infected guitar riffs? You'll get some pretty soon!