lundi 7 janvier 2008

One of my favorite 2007 albums

Yes, that's right. Heavy Deavy Skull Lover, the WARLOCKS' latest offering definitely is one of my favorite 2007 albums.

I discovered the band last year and rushed on their complete discography, but the intimate feel on this new album is simply addictive, and the compositions are just graceful and hypnotic.

"Zombie Like Lovers" is by far the most lively of the 8 cuts, with a typical Moe Tucker drumming style.

This is cathartic, stoned Indie Rock.

There's a pink-colored limited edition that is available through mailorder, directly from Tee Pee records. And the artwork is simply awesome. You know what you have to do...


The WARLOCKS "Heavy Deavy Skull Lover" - 2007 - USA - Tee Pee TPE-082

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