samedi 26 janvier 2008

Danish and paying homage too!

ON TRIAL are Acid/Garage/Psych freaks and their blend of Psyched Stoner has always pleased me.
The guys decided to release a covers-only record to pay homage to the bands they owe their sound to.

Unfortunately the vinyl version is a mere 6 songs EP (THIRD BARDO, PENTAGRAM, LOVE, The ROLLING STONES and The 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS), whereas the CD also contains some BLUE CHEER, PINK FLOYD, STOOGES & MC5 covers.
But, the CD is not a see-through yellow-stained slab of wax...

Also, the cover is derived from the famous 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS/QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE Family Dog concert poster (designed by Stanley Mouse and Anton Kelley).

Please check Be Forwarned (PENTAGRAM) and Signed D.C. (Arthur Lee's LOVE) on the player and leave comments!


ON TRIAL "Head EP" - 2001 - Germany - Cargo Records CAR033

This is the side B label (the yellow stains are hardly noticeable unfortunately)

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