dimanche 20 janvier 2008

All Hail Scott "Wino" Weinrich!

This guy needs no introduction, neither do all the bands he contributed to.
Nothing compares to what this man brought to the Doom & Stoner scene. And his guitar sound pattern is absolutely unique.

Should I add anything about the Wino icon? He is one of those guys I'd really like to meet.

SPIRIT CARAVAN is my favorite band of his, because of the goddamn groovy riffs, and that genuine Stoner vibe that you can almost touch.

I give you the whole side A of this beautiful clear yellow marbled 10" released on People Like You Records.
I guess it's long out of print and nearly impossible to find but this one is a basics in any Stoner/Doom record collection.


SPIRIT CARAVAN "Dreamwheel" - 2000 - USA - People Like You Prison 994-1

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eyeeatmusic a dit…

My Favorite Wino Project by far.....
Jug Fulla Sun is my top pick outta of their records