mercredi 2 janvier 2008

2008 : Something's Gotta give

2008 is here and I really wish you all the best life can bring.

It's time to move on to "modern" heavy music...

I hope you enjoyed 2007 selection and hope you'll still be enjoying the upcoming numbers I'm about to post on this blog.

This will still be about vinyl.

Let's have the first message for 2008 with ABDULLAH's self-titled sophomore album.

This Ohio based two-headed hydra had its debut released on Rage Of Achilles (UK - later to become Code:breaker) that quickly sold-out (unfortunately only available on CD).

The band returned with a far better production, some new material and their very peculiar moody Doom/Stoner compositions.

"The Black Ones" (check the player!) as well as "The Path To Enlightment" are from their debut Snake Lore.

ABDULLAH is a very interesting mix of different styles : Goth Metal, MTV alternative kind of style, Doom and Stoner. They never go harsh and aggressive, always stay eerie and poetical.

I read today that their singer died in 2004, the guy commited suicide. I really like his voice.

The vinyl version (only available from People Like You Rec. - Germany) is beautiful (A/B is clear smokey and C/D is creamy grey), housed in a heavy cardboard gatefold cover. Oh, and look at the label on side A (also used on the CD but shitty quality).


ABDULLAH "s/t" - 2000 - USA - People like You 999-1

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Devil Dick a dit…

one of the better bands of this whole scene imho...