samedi 5 janvier 2008

The mystic beast returns!

What if PINK FLOYD's "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" was re-interpretated by SLEEP (Jerusalem era)? I guess it would sound a bit like this mystic Doom beast OM recently unearthed.

If you know the band, you certainly love it, and already own this slab of plastic. If you don't, give their albums a listen as soon as you can.
OM is SLEEP's other half (Matt Pike founded the mighty HIGH ON FIRE after the break-up of SLEEP). While HIGH ON FIRE kept the true Hard Rock tradition of SLEEP, Al Cisneros (bass) and Chris Hakius (drums) focused on the mystic, oriental, spiritual side of SLEEP.

Pilgrimage is produced by the legendary Steve Albini, so expect a thick, loud and heavy, yet clear sound (Albini styled!).

Bass Heavy riffs looming out of droning symphonies and buzzing around your head, with Al chanting his psalms : welcome to the new dawn of drugged-out acid-drenched Drone/Doom.


OM "Pilgrimage" - 2007 - USA - Southern Lord SUNN86

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