dimanche 27 janvier 2008

The first half of the Jersey Devils

Jim Hogan and wife Regina Satana have their debut, "Neanderthal Speedway", released on Man's Ruin Records in 1999.
After some personal changes and a split ep with SOLACE ("Jersey Devils"), they strike back in 2002 (now on Meteorcity) with "Driven", a relentless riff-based Stoner rush.

Groove and Soul show up all the way, and Punk Rock also appear on Stab Yor Back. And, look at this cover, ain't it proper ass-kickin'?

What the fuck did happen to the band? If you Jim Hogan ever happen to read this, please let me know what's going on with SOLARIZED!?

World Without End is the last track of this brilliant rocking and grooving album.


SOLARIZED "Driven" - 2002 - USA - People Like You PRISON 987-1

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Devil Dick a dit…

Hey brother nice posts!

I ran into Jim & Reg not too long ago, they are happily married (have been for years) and just had a baby not too long ago so all their time & energy are going into raising their child!