dimanche 27 janvier 2008

More guitars than common people can bear

GALLERY OF MITES is a one-shot band. GALLERY OF MITES consists of MONSTER MAGNET band members (and ex-band members) and good friends (including Stu Gollin from HALFWAY TO GONE, Duane Hutter from BLACK NASA and, last but not least, Tommy Southard from the mighty SOLACE) that come together, get high, have fun, jam a lot and come up with a record.

Expect a guitar overload on each single track.

Expect some good rocking tunes and great leads all the way.

It's funny how this album makes me think about Iggy Pop and James Williamson "Kill City", maybe because of the first song Exploded View that you can check on the player, as well as Headless Body, Topless Bar, the first two songs of this incredibly addictive record.


GALLERY OF MITES "Bugs On A Bluefish" - 2003 - USA - People Like You PRISON 985-1

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Anonyme a dit…

You Know I've never heard this record. I bunch of Jersey Boys lumped in togther
Great Concept

Devil Dick a dit…

jon & tim are a bunch of retarded geniuses...

Anonyme a dit…

but how download this record?

Play LOUDER! For Best Results a dit…

Bonjour Laurent,
Je mets à disposition des titres sélectionnés via le player, mais aucun album complet. Question d'éthique!? Bienvenue sur SVC!