samedi 26 janvier 2008

Aussies paying their tribute to the KYUSS King

You know I'd have loved to post anything this week but I was on a sort of training period for my new landed job.
No day-off for me during the coming weeks but 2 afternoons a week, so I'll try and post some new music whenever I can.

Another Stoner selection today with WRENCH's "Oscillator Blues".
Those guys played too much KYUSS (can anybody play too much KYUSS actually? Not sure at all) and other related desert-rock combos.

It doesn't sound fresh and new to say the least, but the overall impression is fairly positive, with all worn-out Stoner riffs and UK psychedelia touches here and there.

Try Aloha Mama and Headlight on the player, and make up your own mind...


WRENCH "Oscillator Blues" - 2001 - Australia - Beard Of Stars LPBOS019

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