vendredi 30 novembre 2007

DARK "Round The Edges" - 1972

Time has come to unleash the rarest records of all time (50 copies were pressed back in '72), and a hell of a record : DARK "Round The Edges". It's simply impossible to find any original copy nowadays, so rush on the Akarma reissue (1.000 copies on a 180gr clear vinyl, housed in a beautiful heavy gatefold cover + a 6-page booklet with lyrics, photos...). Kissing Spell did also reissue this must-have, but it doesn't compare to the job Akarma did on this one.

Let's put in straight : this is a monster!
It took the band 2 years to come up with this LP (and some personal changes). The six tracks are stunning : the riffs are 100% efficient, the bass is booming as rarely heard, the drumming is excellent and the songs themselves are catchy.
The sound production is also impressive (knowing this has been recorded in 3 days with hardly any money).

Progressive at times, Rocking at others, HEAVY all the way!

I picked "Darkside", the opener, and for those who haven't heard any DARK song before, prepare to be blown away. Wait for the fuzzed-out guitar to detonate...


DARK "Round The Edges" - 1972 - UK - Akarma AK007

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Elliot Knapp a dit…

Love when that fuzz guitar comes in...just wrote about this one on my blog too. Have a good one!