vendredi 9 novembre 2007

ID "Where Are We Going" - 1976

This slab o'plastic is incredibly addictive...
New York's ID released this privately pressed LP in 1976, a visionnary "Space" Prog trippy concept album.

I first listened to this LP 3 months ago and it's my most recent score, I had to add this one to my ever growing LP collection because of the special feeling inside those 4 long tracks : the beautiful opener "Sunrise", the staggering two-parts "Where Are We Going", and the almost quieter and desperate "Solar Winds".
The production and sound are quite peculiar, kind of lo-fi, and the guitars can't sound more scorched and plaintive.
It will surely make you think about both Tony Hill's HIGH TIDE LPs, well... it does make me think about HIGH TIDE, mostly the guitars, because of those endless explosive solos.
The drumming is also very interesting.

Try "Where Are We Going (part 2)" on the player, ain't that trippy? Now run to your nearest record store and buy it, this is HUGE!


ID "Where Are We Going" - 1976 - USA - Aura AR1000

4 commentaires:

earthdog a dit…

I have never heard this one but after reading your review,its one i will be looking for.Thanks for posting it.Cheers.

Devil Dick a dit…

i agree with earthdog!

thomas a dit…

actually this band is from Baltimore, md or if you want to get technical a suburb 5 miles out of the city called Glen Burnie. The lead player died of Lou Gehrigs disease in the 90's. they only did this and gigged for a few years. the Bassist Kevin Orsie still jams and still lives in the Baltimore area. hes got a new band called "rain delay" but if your are expecting something like ID don't hold your breath, its more modern rock.

anyways i was good friends with them and still are after all these years, i roadied for some of there gigs and supported them while they were around, good to know they made a name for themselves and people still cherish their music.

Play LOUDER! For Best Results a dit…

Hello Thomas,
The only info I managed to find on the internet about ID was that the band was from New York...
Good to know they're still playing music, even if it sounds different from what they did in the past.
And yes, I cherish their music, this album being one of those albums I'm definitely proud to own.
thanks for your comment!