jeudi 1 novembre 2007

MAY BLITZ "s/t" - 1970

This is one of the top 10 records I couldn't live without. MAY BLITZ is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest bands our mother earth bore.

The short-lived, mighty MAY BLITZ released their debut on Vertigo, pushing the boundaries of Heavy Rock, inventing new ways, injecting more melodies a single tune can carry. Their music was heavy, loud, inspired and incredibly addictive.

Those three guys would change the face of British Rock for years to come.

How hard it is to select one song out of this unbeatable Heavy Rock maelstrom no one can compete with.
"Smoking The Day Away" opens the album and when you'll hear it for the first time (on vinyl!) I bet my ass you'll be crushed, will stomp your foot and bang your head, with eyes closed. The guitar part is nothing but astounding, breath-taking.
No more superlatives : buy it! An original UK copy in mint condition is a bit expensive (100/150€), but a German copy is affordable (40/70€). You won't regret your purchase, I promise.


MAY BLITZ "s/t" - 1970 - UK - Vertigo 6360 007 (German press)

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Devil Dick a dit…

a most excellent album if there ever was one!


2 great posts in one day!


earthdog a dit…

Another timeless masterpiece of a album.Still listen to this a lot.In fact i put this on first thing this morning and still loved every minute of it.Excellent.