dimanche 18 novembre 2007

DAMNATION "The Second Damnation" - 1970

Today's "killer LP" award goes to DAMNATION's second offering, released in 1970 on United Artists.

What strikes first is the amazing lead vocals. This guy rocks hard! Then the terrific groove and cheesy guitar sounds.
Solid songs, catchy tunes all the way. Want pounding rhythm sections? Want ballads? Want innovative Hard Rock? Rush on DAMNATION (initially known as the DAMNATION OF ADAM BLESSING), the Cleveland's forgotten sons.

Very affordable ($30 on average) & highly enjoyable (as well as their 2 other releases). The band renamed itself GLORY after their third album and had a record out, but I never had the chance to pay it a listen.


DAMNATION "The Second Damnation" - 1970 - USA - United Artists UAS-6773

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Devil Dick a dit…

This is a big fave of mine as I have had this lp in my collection for many many years!