mercredi 28 novembre 2007

CATFISH "Get Down" - 1970

Let's have a short Blues interlude (you know I love it dontcha?) with this '70 LP called Get Down by CATFISH, their debut.

CATFISH never meant to reinvent the Blues or create something new, but the band is humble and has what it takes to play the blues.
"300 Pound Fat Mama" is dedicated and so is "Tradition" (let's face it, it sounds traditional doesn't it?), the song I picked for the player.

The cover may not strike you at first sight (not even at all) but don't judge a record by its cover, this is head-on Blues, no compromise, no bullshit. And the guy, Bob Hodge (later Catfish Hodge) he has a voice and knows how to use it. He surely ate gravel before singing and have a good sip of whisky.


CATFISH "Get Down" - 1970 - USA - CBS 64006 (UK press)

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Devil Dick a dit…

I've had this record in my hands a few times but wasn't sure so I passed but that cut is pretty dang cool. If i see another & it's on the cheap i will pick it up!